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The development of a report on the evaluability of youngballymun

Research Staff

Dr. Michelle Share, Liz Kerrins, Prof. Sheila Greene

About the Project

Youngballymun is a ten year systemic change strategy that aims to enhance learning and well-being outcomes for children and young people in Ballymun. It also has the aim of contributing to policy and practice development. youngballymun (2007-2016) is being rolled out in two five year phases, and is now in the early stages of the first five-year phase. youngballymun is one of three demonstration projects supported under the Government's Prevention and Early Intervention Programme. Youngballymun consists of four integrated spheres of activity: six services, a learning community, a programme, and independent evaluation. Youngballymun has arrived at a stage in its planning process where it wishes to make decisions about how the youngballymun programme might be evaluated. After discussions about youngballymun's needs in relation to an evaluation plan, the Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin and the Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway were commissioned to assist youngballymun in the development of its plan.

The team from the Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway are:

  • Carmel Devaney
  • Dr John Canavan
  • Dr Noreen Kearns
  • Dr David Cairns

What does the research involve?

The research team and youngballymun agreed a collaborative, systematic and rigorous process to determine the evaluability of youngballymun. The approach to assessing the evaluability of the youngballymun programme was based on an analysis of secondary data, gap analysis and the application of evaluability criteria; communication with the youngballymun team; and two consultation sessions with the youngballymun team, members of the youngballymun Expert Advisory Committee and youngballymun Board.

The output was an evaluability report outlining:

  • the extent of programme evaluability
  • issues for consideration regarding data collection for programme monitoring; and
  • recommendations for evaluation for six youngballymun services and an overall programme evaluation.

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