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The Process of Youth Homelessness Phase III

Research Staff

Dr. Paula Mayock

About the Project

This longitudinal qualitative study, which was initiated in 2004, aimed to generate an in-depth understanding of the process of youth homelessness, with a particular focus on young people's trajectories into, through and out of homelessness. To date, three waves of data collection have been completed. The study was initiated in 2004 (Phase I) when life history interviews were conducted with 40 homeless young people aged between 14 and 22 years and living in the greater Dublin area. In 2005-06 (Phase II), contact was re-established with 32 of these respondents and information regarding living situations was collected on an additional 5 young people. Information was therefore available to the research team on 37 of the 40 young people interviewed during Phase I and, of these, a total of 30 were re-interviewed. In August 2009, a third wave (Phase III) of data collection was initiated and the tracking process continued until mid-2010. During this phase, 28 young people were successfully tracked and re-interviewed. The key analytical goals of Phase III of the study are:

  1. To trace the flow of events and experiences that have an impact on young people’s housing ‘careers’ and their homeless pathways.
  2. To identify the factors and circumstances that protect (some) young people from entering more chronic homeless ‘states’ and those that facilitate their entry to stable housing/accommodation.
  3. To assess the sustainability of independent (i.e. moving home, to the private rented sector) and dependent (i.e. to transitional housing, State care) exits from homelessness.
  4. To identify threats to stable or sustainable housing in the case of young people who experience homelessness as teenagers.
  5. To make policy recommendations related to the service provision targeting children and young people who experience homelessness.

Data collection on Phase III of the study is complete. Data analysis on all three phases of the research is ongoing.

Funded By

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) & The Homeless Agency

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