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The Education of young people aged 17-19 years in long term Foster Care

Research Staff

Prof. Robbie Gilligan (PI), Fiona Daly

About the Project


The main aim of the study was to gain an insight into the daily lives of young people aged 17-19 years in long term foster care, with a particular focus on their education and schooling. This was a follow up study to research published in 2005, 'Lives in Foster Care'. This research looked at certain aspects of young people's schooling and social supports (contact with birth family members, friendships and participation in leisure activities). The second phase of the study involved returning to the same group of foster carers with a view to updating the information on the young people in their care.

What does the research focus on?

The primary focus of the second phase of the research was on the education of this group of young people in long term foster care. In particular, this study aimed to collect information on the educational attainment of young people in long term foster care, which can then be used to make comparisons with the general student population. Educational attainment is one indicator of young people's educational progress and other information compiled will look at non-academic indicators of progress, such as involvement in extra-curricular activities. In addition, comparisons will also be made over time, between Phases I and II of the study.

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