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Early Intervention for Children aged 3 - 6 with Special Educational Needs: A Case Study of a Service Provider and the Experiences of the Service Users

Research Staff

Dr. Jean Whyte

About the Project


The lack of data on services and interventions provided for young children with special educational needs/disabilities was highlighted by the CECDE (On Target,2004). This project builds on work which is being undertaken concurrently by the St.John of God Research Unit with similar aims, but investigating the situation for children aged 0-3years.The two projects together provided an overview of how one service provider delivers services for children in the 0-6 age range and how they are experienced by the service users and by the providers. There was input from both the Children's Research Centre and the St. John of Gods team for both projects working in partnership.

Final products of the research<

The project was completed in 2008.

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