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Cocaine Use in Northern Ireland: A Qualitative Study

Research Staff

Dr. Paula Mayock, Dr. Patrick McCrystal (QUB)

About the Project

Cocaine use in Northern Ireland appears to be rising. Recent data (relating to 2002/03) indicates a 1.6% prevalence rate in Northern Ireland and the proportion of individuals presenting to services reporting cocaine as their main drug increased to 10% in 2006/07 from 9% in 2005/06. This makes cocaine the second most popular illicit drug of use, after cannabis, which has not shown increased levels of use during this period.

The aim of the study is to provide DHSSPS and treatment service providers with a better understanding of cocaine use in Northern Ireland. The research uses research methods to explore patterns of drug use and the lifestyles of cocaine users. The proposed content of the research will incorporate the following:

  1. An assessment of drug use patterns and the lifestyles of cocaine users in Northern Ireland.
  2. Information prevention treatment options and information needs about cocaine use.

The study will be conducted in two phases. Phase I will be a Community Assessment Process and Phase II will involve the conduct of 40 in-depth interviews with cocaine users.

Final products of the research

A Study of Cocaine Use in Northern Ireland 2009.(PDF 895 KB)

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