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What you need to know about Children and Racism

Research Staff

Professor Robbie Gilligan (PI)

Dr Philip Curry (Co-PI)

About the Project

This Knowledge Exchange Project aims to engage in a mutually informative dialogue with a range of key stakeholders (e.g. teachers, parents, social workers, school principals, policy makers) around important issues to do with children and racism. We are using a variety of media and activities to communicate key messages derived from new Irish (Curry, Gilligan, Garrett and Scholtz, 2011) and recent international research about children’s experience of racism:

  1. Early onset of ethnic awareness
  2. Occasional intensity of negative views of minorities
  3. Occurrence of racial bullying
  4. Invisibility to adult eyes
  5. Mental health consequences
  6. Possible courses of action.

The study is funded by the IRCHSS (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences) under the competitive 'Research Development Initiative' scheme.

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