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Dr Lorraine Swords

Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychology, Coordinator of the Structured Ph.D. in Child and Youth Research

Lorraine Swords is a Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychology with the School of Psychology and Course Coordinator of the Structured PhD in Child and Youth Research at the Children's Research Centre. Lorraine graduated from UCD in 2000 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Psychology. She then completed a Master of Psychological Science Degree in Health Psychology at NUI Galway before returning to UCD in 2003 to undertake a PhD researching children's perceptions of psychological disorders in their peers. Prior to taking up her lectureship in psychology in December 2009, Lorraine worked as a Research Fellow at the Children's Research Centre on the National Longitudinal Study of Children in Ireland, Growing Up in Ireland. Lorraine is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, the British Psychological Society, and the European Health Psychology Society. As part of the Psychological Society of Ireland, she is a member of the Division of Health Psychology and a committee member of the Special Interest Group in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Her research interests include child and adolescent mental health and illness, children's perceptions of peers experiencing physical or mental health difficulties, and peer relationships.

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Centre Publications





Family Wellbeing on a limited income: A study of families living at risk of poverty in Ireland, Dublin, Family Support Agency, p1 ­ 83.

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Other Publications




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