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The Children's Research Centre holds public seminars, lectures and conferences.

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Past Events

15th Anniversary

Speaker Date Presentation
Dr Virginia Morrow, Young Lives, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford 29/04/2013 Growing up with the Millennium Development Goals: a longitudinal study of children in four developing countries
Professor Jonathan Bradshaw, Professor of Social Policy, University of York, U.K 08/12/2011

Child Poverty and Deprivation in Comparative Perspective

Podcast available here.

Dr. Mary Racelis, Research Scientist, Institute of Philippine Culture, Ateneo de Manila University 12/09/2011

Growing Up in Informal Settlements: Options for Urban Poor Children and Youth in Developing Countries

Podcast available here.

Dr. Heather Montgomery, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Childhood, Development and Learning, Open University

07/03/2011 Child sex workers in Thailand: what do they need and what is being done?
Prof. Deborah A. Frank MD, Professor of Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine and founder and Principal Investigator of the Children’s Health Watch ( 26/01/2011 Measuring Hardship and the Well-Being of Low Income Infants and Toddlers
Dr. Katharine Dill, Executive Director, Practice and Research Together (PART), Ontario. 20/10/2010 Dr. Katharine Dill, Pushing the Envelope - Future Directions for Evidence-Informed Practice (PDF 7.55MB)
Prof. Nigel Thomas, Professor of Childhood and Youth Research at the University of Central Lancashire, Co-Director of the Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation. 15/06/2010 Prof. Nigel Thomas, Children's participation challenges for research and practice. (PDF 500 KB)
Dr. Helga Dittmar, Reader in Psychology, University of Sussex 13/04/2010 Dr. Helga Dittmar, Does Size Matter? The Impact of ‘Body Perfect’ Ideals in the Media. (PDF 2.13 MB)

Dr. Annette Boaz, Assessing the impact of research on policy: what can we learn from the literature? (PDF 295 KB)

Liz Kerrins, Assessing the contribution of research to policy and practice: a case study. (PDF 80 KB)

Dipti Pandya, Response: The Perspective of an Irish Research Council (Director) (PDF 168 KB)

Prof. Susan Golombok, Director, Centre for Family Research University of Cambridge 09/12/2008 New Family Forms, What do we know about their effect on children's development? (PDF 58 KB)
Dr. Kevin Nugent, Founder and Director of the Brazelton Institute at Children's Hospital in Boston 21/03/2008 The Infant as Catalyst: Promoting Early Parent-Child Relationships (PDF 635 KB)
Andrea Rossi, Director of the Measurement and Human Rights Program, Harvard University, USA 05/03/2008 Research Research with Hidden and Marginal Populations - Issues and Complexities (PDF 1,275 KB)

Professor Tomi-Ann Roberts, Winkler Herman Professor of Psychology and Director of Gender Studies at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, USA
This seminar was co-hosted with the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, TCD.

10/01/2008 Little Bratz: The Sexualization of Girls and Girlhood (PDF 2,687 KB)

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