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15th Anniversary

15th Anniversary

On Wednesday 15 December the Provost opened a poster symposium to mark the Children’s Research Centre’s 15th anniversary. Current and ex staff and students, funders and supporters of the Centre gathered to celebrate this event, which was kindly sponsored by the Trinity Trust.

The Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, was established as a joint initiative of the Department of Psychology and the Department of Social Studies (now the School of Psychology and the School of Social Work and Social Policy) in 1995.

The Centre emerged at a time of unprecedented development in Irish policy, law and services for children. This provided a stimulating context and a challenging opportunity for the Centre to contribute to thinking about, and provision for, children and young people. The work of the Centre has been assisted by support from philanthropic, public sector, non-governmental and private sector sources.

Co-founders of the Children's Research Centre, Professor Sheila Greene (Psychology) and Professor Robbie Gilligan (Head of School of Social Work and Social Policy) now serve as Director and Associate Director respectively of the Centre. Professor Sheila Greene holds the AIB Chair of Childhood Research, co-endowed by The Atlantic Philanthropies and Allied Irish Banks.

The Children’s Research Centre conducts research that is oriented towards policy and practice and that aims to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young people in Ireland. Its work has been published in over 60 reports and many academic books and peer-reviewed journal articles.

From its earliest days one of the Centre’s main goals was to increase capacity for childhood research in Ireland. Thirteen of the Centre’s ex staff and students now hold lectureships in third level institutions in Ireland and abroad. Sixteen erstwhile staff and students hold research, clinical and policy posts. There are 14 doctoral students in the Centre at present, six of whom are participating in the new structured PhD in Child and Youth Research (run in collaboration with NUIG, see

The Centre is currently engaged in 10 projects ranging from the evaluation of the Early Learning Initiative in the Docklands to the study of youth homeless pathways to the study of the school experience of immigrant children. The largest current project is Growing Up in Ireland. The CRC leads for TCD on this ESRI-TCD programme, funded by the government (see


  • The Children's Research Centre (PDF 1.68MB)
  • Cross-Institutional Structured PhD in Child & Youth Research (PDF 232KB)
  • Qualitative Research with Children: The Perspectives of Elite Researchers (PDF 1MB)
  • Children's Living Standards in Ireland: What children need, what they have, what they want (PDF 926KB)
  • The Process of Youth Homelessness: A Qualitative Longitudinal Study (PDF 244KB)
  • Widening the Lens: A Biographical Analysis of Young People's Offending Careers (PDF 248KB)
  • Student Research Projects from the Structured PhD in Child & Youth Research (PDF 307KB)
  • Young people and Public Libraries in Ireland: issues and opportunities (PDF 557KB)
  • Evaluation of the National College of Ireland Early Learning Initiative (ELI) (PDF 889KB)
  • Growing Up in Ireland –the National Longitudinal Study of Children (PDF 1.12MB)
  • Growing Up in Ireland: Initial Findings from the Child and Infant Cohorts (PDF 736KB)
  • The Qualitative Study and the role of the Children’s Advisory Forum (PDF 490KB)
  • Putting Research Evidence to Work (PDF 2.31MB)
  • Women and Homelessness in Ireland:A Biographical Pathways Analysis (PDF 1.82MB)
  • Supporting LGBT Lives: A Study of the Mental Health and Well-being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (PDF 308KB)
  • Developmental Change in Children’s Perspectives on Parental Strategies of Discipline & Use of Physical Punishment (PDF 1.83MB)
  • Parental Ethnotheoriesamong Immigrant and Irish Parents of Newborns in Ireland (PDF 1.74MB)
  • Sugar and Spice and all things nice . . . What are Irish teenagers eating? (PDF 1.15MB)
  • Social and Physical Ecologies of Childhood (PDF 1.09MB)
  • Inter-cultural relations between children in North-Inner City Dublin: The Seven School Study (PDF 562KB)
Prof. Sheila Greene Staff of CRC 2006
Staff and Students 2010 Prof. John Hegarty
Provost, Prof. John Hegarty, Prof. Robbie Gilligan Prof. Robbie Gilligan, Prof. Howard Smith

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