Community Engagement Praxis for Research in the Arts and Humanities (CEPRAH)

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What is CEPRAH?

Community Engagement Praxis for Research in the Arts and Humanities (CEPRAH) was a project led by the Trinity Long Room Hub and AONTAS, Ireland’s National Adult Learning Organisation. CEPRAH recognises (a) the unique perspectives offered by Arts and Humanities research and (b) the importance of collaboration with civic and community organisations to address the challenges facing societies at a local, national, and global level.

CEPRAH builds upon the existing engaged research scholarship, particularly the work of Campus Engage, to focus specifically on the experiences, challenges, and opportunities for AH researchers working in the Republic of Ireland. 

CEPRAH was funded by an Irish Research Council New Foundations Grant Strand 1a (project 211312 award 16840) and ran from April to December 2021. The project team was Eve Patten (PI), Elspeth Payne, Caoimhe Whelan, Eve Cobain, Joan Cronin, Caitriona Curtis, Leah Dowdall, and Giovanna Lima.

CEPRAH Project Survey

Read the open-access portfolio documenting the key findings of the CEPRAH project.

The portfolio provides tailored case studies and resources to address under-representation and improve AH-CSO collaboration. It is a resource for individual AH researchers as well as the support staff and management working in HEIs in the Republic of Ireland. The portfolio aims to encourage and enhance future AH-CSO collaboration.

The portfolio is primarily based on:

  1. An in-depth mapping of the existing engaged research landscape
  2. One-on-one interviews and case studies
  3. A networking event

The authors are indebted to all who took the time to talk to us and engage with the CEPRAH project. 

The portfolio was authored by Elspeth Payne, Caoimhe Whelan, and Eve Patten and launched on 15 June 2022.

Past Events

CEPRAH Virtual Café, 2 June 2021

The Virtual Café brought together those working in the Arts and Humanities and civic society and community organisations to share knowledge, ideas and expertise around the concept of ‘democratic culture’. Read more about the Virtual Café.

CEPRAH Coffee Morning, 15 June 2022

A special coffee morning co-hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub and AONTAS which brought together researchers, engagement practitioners, and civic society organisation practitioners to mark the launch of the CEPRAH portfolio.

Read more about the CEPRAH Coffee Morning.

Next steps

CEPRAH is part of the Trinity Long Room Hub’s ongoing work in Arts and Humanities-led democracy research and is framed by the Trinity Long Room Hub’s Policy Initiative.

We will be taking the findings from the CEPRAH project and applying them to bring Arts and Humanities research into active engagement in the civic and community sphere.

CEPRAH aligns with the AONTAS Strategic Plan, which stresses the advancement of social inclusion and equality. AONTAS is committed to empowering individuals to be part of active, engaged and inclusive communities.

AONTAS is currently collaborating on two Erasmus+ KA2 projects, FutureLabAE and Basic Education and Empowerment for Political Participation (BEEP), which aim to promote democratic education.

Contact details

For further information on this project or to share your experiences please contact:

Elspeth Payne