Qualification Certificate of Completion
Delivery Online. First class will be hybrid for optional in-person meet-and-greet
Duration 18 Hours over 8 weeks
Course Fees €950 per person, €750 early bird offer
Course Content Session 1: The Innovation Ecosystem
Session 2: Greenhouse – Challenge introductions
Session 3: Innovation Planning
Session 4: Greenhouse – Challenge refinement
Session 5: Managing Innovation
Session 6: Greenhouse – Challenge planning
Session 7: Tracking Innovation
Session 8: Greenhouse – Challenge reflection

Beyond Ideas: Making Innovation Happen

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Innovation is challenging. It can inspire, disrupt, excite and threaten. Innovation is powerful. It can create new value in all functions and at all levels of an organisation. Above all else, innovation is imperative to remain competitive and not lose ground by standing still.

Innovation management is the process of managing innovative ideas. It starts with the creation of a work environment that supports idea and insight discovery. Beyond that, it crucially continues so that those new ideas are developed, refined and delivered to become a reality. These innovation efforts need to be guided, supported and protected from other competing operational goals and pressures. They need to be tracked, measured and preferably linked to an organisation’s overall performance goals and strategy. Through such deliberate management, innovation can become a key delivery component of the strategic agenda of any organisation.

Programme Description

This programme is a comprehensive look at the essential processes and practices needed to successfully manage innovative capability. It explores how to guide innovation from idea through to implementation, introducing tools and techniques that help plan, protect and measure efforts along the way.

Participants will leave the programme with a clear framework to introduce and embed innovation management practices that complement the strategic goals of their teams and organisation.

Programme Outcomes

Specifically, this programme is designed for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals and will enable them to:

  • Build the framework conditions that uncover, support and drive the innovative capability of their teams and their organisations
  • Embed innovation into the strategic agenda of their organisations.
  • Utilise innovation metrics to effectively inform future efforts, opportunities and risks.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for individuals who want the skills to strengthen their organisation's innovation efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals who seek the knowledge and skills to implement innovative strategies. It is particularly suited to those wishing to uncover, support and drive the innovative capability of their teams and their organisations. The programme does not assume any prior knowledge or training in the subject areas.

Who can I contact for more information about the course?

Contact: Shay Butler, HCI Programme Manager - tangentcourses@tcd.ie


General Information

The Innovation Ecosystem
Expanding your network.

  • Types of innovation
  • The innovation ecosystem framework
  • Internal ecosystem – analysing your internal assets, business culture, potential gaps, challenges and opportunities
  • External ecosystem – identifying potential assistors, available resources and supports
  • Stakeholder inventory - reviewing and prioritising your stakeholders.

Innovation Planning
Incorporating innovation into the strategy agenda

  • Types of business models to support innovation  
  • Embedding innovation into your business strategy
  • Innovation initiatives that work
  • Understanding innovation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics

Managing Innovation
Driving and supporting the innovation effort

  • Innovation development processes – tools to support innovation, including the stage-gate process
  • Innovation Adoption – techniques for leading stakeholders through an innovation process
  • Sustaining innovation – identifying and overcoming organisational challenges and partnering for success

Tracking Innovation
Measuring the impact of innovation

  • Types of innovation KPIs and metrics
  • Types of innovation audits
  • Designing the innovation audit plan

This programme recognises that innovation means different things to different organisations. This programme covers over-arching theoretical concepts but also focuses on empowering participants with the practical skills needed to construct, manage and track an appropriate innovative strategy in their work environment. The programme includes four Greenhouse sessions - providing you with the support to develop your plan for tackling your organisational challenge.

The Greenhouse is a space where seeds are planted, and new ideas grow. These are facilitator-led collaborative sessions (held in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8) where participants apply their learning to a specific work-related challenge. Reflective questions posed in each programme session are designed to trigger and subsequently advance the challenge you decide to address. The Greenhouse is a time and place to receive support, gather feedback and experiment in a non-judgemental environment.

Every Wednesday for 8 weeks