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Undergraduate Certificate
in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace offers a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is available to undergraduate students at Trinity. The course is sponsored by Bank of Ireland and aims to develop the core skills of innovation and enterprise in the Trinity undergraduate student population. It is practically oriented with a specific emphasis on experiential learning and project work. Graduates of this course will gain an additional qualification in innovation and entrepreneurship to complement their undergraduate degree.

It is currently open to Senior Fresh and Junior Sophister Trinity students from any discipline. The course is a delivered in a blended format with a mixture of online and in-person classes in the evenings.

Places on the Undergraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship are funded under Pillar 3 of the Human Capital Initiative (HCI). This means that the course is free to eligible applicants.


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Undergraduate Certificate

Programme Overview

The Undergraduate Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a Level 7 (10 ECTS) programme delivered on a part time basis available to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students registered at Trinity. The programme will foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the undergraduate student population and the development of the core skills of innovation and enterprise. It will be practically oriented with a specific emphasis on project work and problem based learning. Students will develop the soft skills essential to any entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Module One: Creative Thinking (5 ECTS)

Michaelmas Term
This module incorporates idea generation, validation, problem solving and communication.
Workshop: Design Thinking
Online: What is innovation?
Online: Theories of creativity and design
Online: Rapid idea generation and insight
Online: Storyboarding and idea mapping
Online: Design Thinking & doing
Online: Communicating your idea
Online: The entrepreneurial journey
Workshop: Understanding team roles
Workshop: Resolving conflict in teams
Workshop: Design Thinking
Multidisciplinary Team Project: Designing an innovative solution to a real world problem

Module Two: Entrepreneurial Action (5 ECTS)

Hilary Term
This module incorporates opportunity identification, business model identification and market analysis
Online: Traits of the Entrepreneur
Online: Idea to implementation
Online: Opportunity Mapping/Need Finding
Online: Market analysis / Feasibility testing
Online: Marketing strategy
Online: Types of Enterprises
Online: Entrepreneurial Impact
Workshop: Intellectual Property
Workshop: Finance
Workshop: The Lean Business Canvas / Value Proposition Multidisciplinary
Team Project: Product/Service Market Analysis

Programme Benefits

When combined, innovation and entrepreneurship give rise to new ideas, products, processes and services. Student entrepreneurs participating in this programme will learn how to think creatively, identify prospective business opportunities and develop business models to support their development.

The programme will enable undergraduate students to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach to problem solving and addressing national, international and societal issues related to their discipline and beyond. Delivered by academics and industry professionals with international profile, the programme aims to combine theoretical concepts underpinning innovation and entrepreneurship with practical industry expertise.

Academic Staff / Contributors

Dr Daniel Rogers
Dr Mike Wride
Jonathan Bannister
Andrew Keogh

What Previous Students Say

Vahe Sasunts
Computer Science, Trinity

If you’re in any way considering it you should just go for it, you have nothing to lose. In computer science especially, design thinking plays a big role. We wouldn’t cover it in our course, but a lot of what we do in terms of reiterating and recompiling so to speak revolves around design thinking.

Andriy Babiy
BESS, Trinity

Being that it was cross-discipline you could see how the different courses work, you could see what different people with different skill sets and strengths do, what they value. It showed that everyone does have different strengths.

Dominick Robinson
TSM Geography & History, Trinity

You start to really realize that everybody has something to offer no matter what the initial problem is or what the solution is going to be, everybody can have input and the can have meaningful input as well. Don’t consider it, just do it!. Having done a course through the Innovation Academy is brilliant, it will only make me stand out as a mature student going into the workforce.


This course is funded through a combination of support from Bank of Ireland and HCI for eligible students. All Senior Fresh and Junior Sophister Trinity students (2nd and 3rd year) from any discipline are encouraged to apply for a free place on the programme.

How To Apply

Apply Here for the 2022/2023 Academic Year.

This course will commence in September 2022. For more information please contact Student Recruitment Officer Jane Flanagan at / 086 0320487.

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