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Capitation Committee

The Capitation Committee is a sub-committee of the Student Life Committee, which brings together the five capitated bodies: Trinity Sports Union, the Student Union, the Central Societies Committee, the Graduate Student Union and College Publications.

There are three meetings per year, excluding emergency meetings.

The Terms of Reference governing the workings and composition of the Capitation Committee also allow for emergency meetings.

The main functions of the Capitation Committee are to:
  1. Apportion the capitation fund;
  2. Formulate recommendations to Board on behalf of Student Life in regard to levies;
  3. Ensure the observance of regulations pertaining to capitated bodies;
  4. Carry out any other functions so delegated to it by the Student life Committee.

The Senior Dean may also act in extremis and unilaterally to withdraw any student publication where legal or medical advice indicates that such action is necessary to avert obvious and immediate risk of violence to person or damage to property. Such action will be followed at the earliest opportunity by a meeting of the Capitation Committee.

Files related to the Capitation Committee, including Minutes and Terms of reference, may be found here.