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The position of Senior Dean, as well as that of Junior Dean and Bursar, was set up by Provost Temple (1609-27), probably in the second decade of the seventeenth century. It is therefore, one of the oldest officerships in the College. Originally responsible for maintaining discipline and keeping the keys to the College treasury, the role has grown over the centuries and is now involved in many aspects of College life. A brief history of the role of the Senior Dean is available here and a list of Senior Deans is available here.

Dr Eoin O'Sullivan
 Dr Eoin O'Sullivan
The current duties of the Senior Dean fall under eight headings:
  1. Chairing the Junior Academic Progression Appeals Committee and the Senior Academic Promotions Appeals Committee.
  2. Chairing the Trinity Legacies Review Working Group.
  3. Chairing the Capitation Committee.
  4. Chairing the Role Grading Committee
  5. Chairing the Board of the Marino Institute of Education
  6. College Research Integrity Officer
  7. Project Sponsor of the Old Library Conservation Project
  8. Disciplinary Matters relating to Academic Staff
  9. Assigning Office space to Retired Academic Staff.
  10. Assigning on-campus living accommodation to members of staff.
  11. Risk assessment / approval of events in College.