In December 2022, submissions were sought from the public and college community on the name of the Berkeley Library, following a denaming petition from students. Trinity’s main library was named in 1978 after the philosopher George Berkeley, whose history as a slave-owner has since been well documented.

Evidence documents on this issue, as well as summaries of other representations of George Berkeley found within the university, were compiled by Trinity academics and can be read below. The submissions received from the public and college community in relation to this matter may also be found below.

On 26th April 2023 Trinity’s Board made the decision to dename the library, while acknowledging the contribution of Berkeley to the field of philosophy, noting that his work would continue to be taught in the university.

Other legacies of and memorials to George Berkeley within the university, such as a selection of portraits, a medal award, and a stained-glass window were referred to the appropriate local areas for review.