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Staff Research

  • Arabic, Austrian, French and Francophone, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Persian, Polish, Russian, Spanish/Hispanic, Swiss, Turkish/Ottoman literatures and cultures, from the Middle Ages, Renaissance/Early Modern Times, or 18th century/Enlightenment, onwards
  • Modernism and avant-gardes, contemporary writing
  • Comparative Literature and Literary Translation/Studies
  • Constructions of identity and Otherness in literature and culture (e.g. gender, ethnicity, national stereotyping), literary and cultural teratology (vampirism, werewolves, posthumanism, etc.)
  • Migration, multilingualism and multiculturalism in literature and culture, exile and diaspora, Postcolonial Studies
  • Intermediality, interart and interdisciplinary studies 
  • Cinema studies 
  • Political opposition, dissidence, mafia 
  • Memory, Trauma and Holocaust Studies
  • Constructions of Europe/European Studies
  • Central and Eastern Europe, (Post-) Communism Studies
  • Near and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Literary and cultural theory, narratology, Semiotics
  • Literature and philosophy / economics; literary anthropology
  • Linguistics, (Critical) Discourse Analysis & intercultural communication
  • Book culture, manuscript and edition studies
  • Language learning