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Student testimonials

"Studying MEELC is a unique opportunity because it's so intersectional. All the modules have elements of culture, politics, religion, economics and more that are woven together to create a comprehensive and more global perspective of history and current affairs. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a module that doesn't just teach for the sake of teaching, but rather with a goal of preparing students to effectively engage with any number of issues and topics related to Europe and the Middle East." Columbia Dual BA/Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures Junior Fresh (1st year) student

"This course tackles the discourse between the Middle East and Europe from every conceivable angle. It’s broader and more balanced perspective has superseded my traditional euro-centric perceptions with a more balanced and dynamic view of the two regions. As a mature student with a working knowledge in both areas, it has significantly increased my understanding and empathy for each." Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures mature student Junior Fresh (1st year)

"Studying MEELC is exploring the Middle East and Europe and the myriad of ties that connect these two deeply fascinating regions. Whatever initial curiosity and fascination I had with this part of the world is fed greatly by the immense wealth of knowledge provided by the ever-helpful and friendly lecturers. Every class and every assignment carries with it the potential to fall into a rabbit hole of discovery and learning, both when it comes to topics I thought I already knew about and when it comes to things I have never even heard of. If you're looking to get an in-depth and broad understanding of the Middle East and Europe, as well as a chance to learn new languages and expand your interests regarding cultures and peoples, then this is the course for you." Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures, Senior Fresh (2nd year) student

"The blend of languages, history and cultural studies make MEELC a varied and engaging degree. The small class sizes facilitate easy engagement with lecturers and the material. I'm delighted to be studying a degree that uniquely combines Middle Eastern and European studies as it yields a fresh perspective on world affairs." Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures, Senior Fresh (2nd year) student