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Prospective Students

What will you study?

In year one, you study your European language and its culture and history, take a European Studies course and start your study of the culture and history of the Middle East and North Africa. There is also a course focused on the cultural and historical interaction between the Middle East and Europe from antiquity to the present.

For your European language you can choose from

    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Spanish

In year two, we build on the study of the interaction between the Middle east and Europe. You continue the study of your European language and start your Middle Eastern language.
You then can choose from a wide range of classes related to the study of the Middle East and North Africa.

For your Middle Eastern language, you can choose, Arabic, Modern Hebrew or Turkish.

Year three is spent studying and living abroad – gaining invaluable experience of living in another culture and improving your language skills. You can either choose to spend the whole year in Europe or divide it into two semesters – one in Europe and one in the Middle East or North Arica. Our students have found this aspect of the course particularly enriching and exciting, giving them new ways to look at the world, make friends and contacts abroad and really help them immerse themselves in the subjects they have encountered in the classroom.

In year four, you can choose from one of the following pathways:

  1. Continue both languages
  2. Continue just the study of their European language and its culture
  3. Continue just the study of their Middle eastern language

All students undertake a piece of independent research under the supervision of one of your lecturers. This provides you with the opportunity to examine and research at a deeper level a subject of interest to you. We have found that because our students have already completed such a piece of work that they find themselves very well placed when applying to masters programmes.

You also get to choose from a suite of courses in Middle Eastern Studies.