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Special Entry Requirements

Applicants must present with at least one European language (other than English and Irish) in the Leaving Certificate (or equivalent). If candidates are presenting one language (other than English or Irish), they must attain a grade of HB3 or higher.

Leaving Certificate

Advanced GCE (A-level)

If candidates are presenting two or more languages, they must attain at least the following grades:

  • Grade B in one language other than English or Irish OR
  • HC - In two of French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew Studies
  • Grade C In two languages other than English or Irish (as listed above) Students study one language from French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish and, from second year, one language from Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish. Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish are available from beginner level
  • HC1 - If presenting French or German
  • HC2 - If presenting Spanish and taking Spanish as a non-beginner
  • HC3 - If presenting any other language

Career and Postgraduate Opportunities

Graduates of this course will be well placed to work in international relations and international development, with multinational corporations and with NGOs as well as in advocacy, diplomacy, journalism, academia, secondary school education, the Civil Service and the institutions of the European Union. Speaking a European language fluently and having a level of proficiency in a Middle Eastern language gives graduates a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment in multinational companies, many of which have Ireland as their European base. Graduates of this course will also be well placed to take up further study in languages, history, cultural studies or—because of their language skills and their cultural understanding—international business and marketing as well as international relations.


The handbook for 2023-2024 can be found here.