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Dr. Anne Fitzpatrick
Associate Professor, Near & Middle Eastern Studies

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Representations of Assyria in the Literary Traditions of its Subjects, Bloomsbury Academic London, 2024, 1 - 220pp Book, 2024

Anne Fitzpatrick McKinley, "Some Cultural Influences in the Judean-Egyptian Book of Judith,", HeBAI Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, 2023 Journal Article, 2023

HeBAI 12/2 Judeans in Persian and Hellenistic Egypt: Social Settings and Literary Productions, 12/2, 12, (2023), 1 - 115p, Anne Fitzpatrick McKinley Sylvie Honigman, [Editor and author], One year Journal, 2023

The Production of Literature in Judean Military Communities in Egypt in, Ehud Ben Zvi, Cynthia Schafer-Elliott , The Hunt for Ancient Israel. , London, Equinox, 2022, pp407 - 435, [Anne Fitzpatrick McKinley] Book Chapter, 2022

Economic Law in Ancient Near Eastern Context in, editor(s)Matthew Coomber , Economics and Empire in the Ancient Near East, Eugene, Cascade, 2021, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2021

Preserving the Cult of Yhwh in Judean Garrisons: Continuity from Pharaonic to Ptolemaic Times in, editor(s)J. Baden, H. Najman, E. Tigchelaar , Sibyls, Scriptures and Scrolls, Volume 1, Leiden, Brill, 2017, pp400 - 433, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2017

Models of Local Political Leadership in the Nehemiah Memoir in, editor(s)Ehud Ben Zvi, Diana Edelman , Leadership, Social Memory and Judean Discourse in 5th to 2nd Centuries BCE, London, Equinox, 2016, pp309 - 378, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2016

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Assessing Biblical and Classical Sources for the Persian Period, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2015, i - 260pp Book, 2015

Continuity Between Assyrian and Persian Policies Towards the Cults of their Subjects in, editor(s)D. Edelman, P. Guillaume, A. Fitzpatrick-McKinley , Religion in the Persian Period, Berlin, Mohr Siebeck, 2015, pp42 - 84, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2015

"Introduction" to Assessing Biblical and Classical Sources for the Persian Period in, editor(s)Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley , Assessing Biblical and Classical Sources for the Persian Period, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2015, pp1 - 11, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2015

Editor in, editor(s)Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, P. Guillaume, D. Edelman , Religion in the Achaemenid Persian Period, Harrassowitz, Mohr Siebeck, 2015, [D. Edelman, P. Guillaume, A. Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2015

Indigenous Elites in Yehud: the inscriptional evidence from Xanthus, Tayma and Dedan and the Nehemiah Memoir in, editor(s)Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley , Assessing Biblical and Classical Sources for the Persian Period, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz, 2015, pp1 - 42, [Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2015

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Empire, Power and Indigenous Elites , Leiden, 2015, i. - 325pp Book, 2015

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Zuleika Rodgers, Margaret Daly-Denton, A Wandering Galilean: Essays in Honour of Sean Freyne, Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2009, 1 - 619pp Book, 2009

What did Nehemiah do for Judaism? in, editor(s)Z. Rodgers, M. Daly-Denton, A. Fitzpatrick-Mckinley , A Wandering Galilean: Essays in Honour of Sean Freyne, Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2009, pp93 - 120, [A. Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2009

Ezra Nehemiah and some early Greek Lawgivers in, editor(s)C. Hezser , Rabbinic Law in its Roman and Near Eastern Context, Tubingen, Germany, Mohr Siebeck, 2003, pp17 - 48, [A. Fitzpatrick Mc Kinley] Book Chapter, 2003

Synagogue Communities in the Graeco-Roman City in, editor(s)J. R. Bartlett , Jews in the Hellenistic and Roman Cities, London, Routledge, 2002, pp55 - 87, [A. Fitzpatrick-McKinley] Book Chapter, 2002

Les grandes institutions juives: la Torah in, editor(s)J.M Mayeur, L. Pietri, A Vauchez, M. Verand , Historie du Christianisme, Paris, Desclee, 2000, pp377 - 395, [A. Fitzpatrick Mc Kinley] Book Chapter, 2000

Anne Fitzpatrick Mc Kinley, Yhwh and the gods of Palestine: a study of the seal and inscriptional evidence, Proceedings of the Irish Biblical Society, January, 2000, p19 - 39 Journal Article, 2000

Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley, The Transformation of Torah from Scribal Advice to Law, Sheffield, UK, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999 Book, 1999

Research Expertise


Research interests are focused on the study of how Judaism emerged against the background of the worldview of the ancient Near East. I have a particular interest in how Second Temple Judaism and the political structures which were based in the temple emerged against the background of how Jewish elites dealt with the challenges of imperial control and this has been the focus of my book which is currently in press. I am also involved in a conference centring on the theme of conditions in Yehud and other regions under Achaemenid rule. This is being co-organised with Dr Diana Edelman of the Department of Biblical Studies in Sheffield. The conference will involve experts from both the fields of Biblical Studies/ Early Judaism and Classics. The conference will be funded by the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and the British Academy.


  • Title
    • Persian Rule in Judah and its environs
  • Summary
    • June 24-25th 2010: In collaboration with Dr Diana Edelman of the University of Sheffield a conference on Persia will be held in TCD. This will bring together classicists and historians of early Judaism. It will be funded by Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies. The proceedings will be published by Routledge in 2010.
  • Funding Agency
    • Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (PRTLI funded) and the British Academy
  • Date From
    • June 24th 2010
  • Date To
    • June 26th 2010
  • Title
    • A Persian Gift to Posterity:the Paridaida Garden as a statement of Power and Pleasure
  • Summary
    • This project is being co-organised with Prof Diana Edelman (Oslo). Papers will be published in 2016. It is funded by the Iran Heritage Foundation
  • Funding Agency
    • Iran Heritage Foundation
  • Date From
    • April 2015
  • Date To
    • April 2016
  • Title
    • Assessing Biblical and Classical Sources for Persian Religion
  • Summary
    • This project brought together classicists, biblical historians and Achaemenid historians in a workshop held in Sheffield which was the follow-up to the Trinity based workshop of 2010. It was co-organised with Prof Diana Edelman (Oslo). The papers will be published by Harrasowitz in 2015 (in print)
  • Funding Agency
    • Sheffield Biblical Studies
  • Date From
    • July 2012
  • Date To
    • July 2014
  • Title
    • The Assyrian Empire
  • Summary
    • This joint Project with Chester Beatty Library is aims to bring Assyriologists to Trinity as teaching fellows to reintroduce Assyriology into the curriculum. Basic Akkadian classes are also offered to UG and PG research students. In 2016/17 the first teaching fellow, Mary Frazer taught UG and PG students as well as working on CBL collection and Trinity's Old Library Cuneiform collection. The project facilitated UG student teaching in the Chester Beatty Library. Two visiting Assyriologists offered papers which will form
  • Funding Agency
    • Tutor's allowance +Chester Beatty Library
  • Date From
    • January 2017
  • Date To
    • 2019


Ancient Near Eastern Empires; Ancient/Classical History; Bible; Biblical Studies; Development of literary traditions about Ezra and Nehemiah; Early Israelite history and religion; Hebrew language; Israel and Judah under imperial rule; Jewish History; Judaism ; Persian rule of Yehud and its environs; The Jews of Egypt from the Persian to the Roman periods


Awards and Honours

Nominated for Provost's Teaching Award 2011


Society Biblical Literature British Association for Jewish Studies