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Inaugural Lectures


An inaugural lecture is a significant event in an academic staff member's career. Inaugural lectures provide newly appointed professors with the opportunity to showcase their research to the College community and members of the public. At Trinity College, inaugural lectures are a ceremonial occasion, which is why academic robes are worn by the inaugural professor and the rest of the platform party.

Inaugural Lectures in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Name Date Lecture Title
Orla Sheils 10-01-2019 PCR based Diagnostics -Theseus’ Paradox or Trigger’s Broom?
Mark Little 18-01-2018 A Googolplex of Autoimmunity - Translational Medicine in the Information Age
Brendan Kelly 11-05-2017 Psychiatry in the Twenty-First Century: From Neuroscience to Humanities to Community Care
Ursula Fearon 23-02-2017 New Horizons in Molecular Rheumatology
Seamas Donnelly 15-12-2016 Trinity, Education, Academia and Mentorship - My TEAM Philosophy
Eleanor Molloy 24-05-2016 Protecting Babies & Children's Brains, Lessons from George Bernard Shaw
Mary McCarron 10-12-2015 Pushing the Boundaries: Reaching New Heights in Research on Ageing for People with an Intellectual Disability
Cathal Moran 13-05-2015 Replace, Repair, Regenerate: Linking Science, Surgery and Prevention
Owen Smith 17-12-2014 Medicine Science and Dreams: Bringing It All Back Home
Orla Hardiman 11-09-2014 Evolving Dimensions of Motor Neuron Disease: The Irish Story.
Yuri Volkov 17-06-2013 Alladin's lamp, Swedish postmen, molecular supermarkets and nano-bullets.