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ECLRNI, the Eighteenth Century Literature Research Network of Ireland
Members Publications 1995-1996
Portrait of a woman reading



Terence Brown (ed), Celticism. Amsterdam and Atlanta, GA: Rodopi. esp.

Joep Leerssen, 'Celticism', pp. 1-20;
Daniel Droixhe, 'Ossian, Hermann and the Jew's Harp: Images of Celtic Languages from 1600-1900', pp. 35-60;
Fiona Stafford, 'Primitivism and the "Primitive Poet: A Cultural Context for Macpherson's Ossian', pp. 79-96;
Micheál Mac Craith, 'The "Forging" of Ossian', pp. 125-142;
Christopher Harvie, 'Anglo-Saxons into Celts: The Scottish Intellectuals, 1760-1930', pp. 231-256;
Howard Gaskill, 'Herder, Ossian and the Celtic', pp. 257-272;
Luke Gibbons, 'The Sympathetic Bond: Ossian, Celticism and Colonialism'.

Essays in books

Andrew Carpenter, 'The Effect of Anglican liturgy on the young Jonathan Swift', Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, [4 pp.].

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_____________, ‘Placing the female: the metonymic garden in amatory and pious narrative, 1700-1740', in Mary Anne Schofield and Cecilia Macheski (eds.), Fetter’d or Free? British Women Novelists, 1670-1815. Athens: Ohio University Press. Pp. 101-123

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, 'The Voices of Maria Edgeworth's comedy' in Theresa O'Connor (ed), The comic tradition in Irish women writers, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, pp. 21-39.

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Ian Campbell Ross, Jonathan Swift: 1667-1745. An Address delivered in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin on 19 October 1995, the 250th Anniversary of the Death of Jonathan Swift. Dublin: St. Patrick's Cathedral, 8 pp.

Entries in encyclopedias and other works of reference

Aileen Douglas, 'Matthew Concanen', 'Laetitia Pilkington', 'Matthew Pilkington', in Robert Hogan (ed), Dictionary of Irish Literature, 2 vols, Westport, Ct: Greenwood Press, pp. 276, 1021-2

Articles in Journals

Daniel Carey, 'Locke, Travel Literature, and the Natural History of Man', The Seventeenth Century, 11, 2, pp. 259-80.

Máire Kennedy, 'The Domestic and International Trade of an Eighteenth-Century Dublin Bookseller: John Archer (1782-1810)', Dublin Historical Record, XLIX, 2, 94-105.

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Aileen Douglas, Uneasy Sensations: Smollett and the Body. Chicago: Chicago University Press, xxx + 201 pp.

Essays in Books

Máire Kennedy, ‘Nations of the Mind: French culture in Ireland and the international booktrade’, in Michael O'Dea and Kevin Whelan (eds), Nations and Nationalisms: France, Britain, Ireland and the eighteenth-century context, Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, Vol 335. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, pp 147-158.

T. O. McLoughlin, 'A Crisis for the Irish in Bordeaux: 1756', in Michael O'Dea and Kevin Whelan (eds), Nations and Nationalisms: France, Britain, Ireland and the Eighteenth-Century Context, Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, pp.129-45.

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_____________, 'Hottentots and Teagues: Swift and barbarous nations', in Michael O'Dea and Kevin Whelan (eds), Nations and nationalisms: France, Britain, Ireland and the eighteenth-century context, Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, pp. 297-305.


Eighteenth-Century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr, 10, 177 pp. [Eds. Alan Harrison, Ian Campbell Ross and Andrew Carpenter]

Articles in Journals

Aileen Douglas, 'Mrs. Dingley's Spectacles: Swift, Print and Desire', Eighteenth-Century Ireland/Iris an dá chultúr, 10, 69-77

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