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ECLRNI, the Eighteenth Century Literature Research Network of Ireland
Current Research Interests
Bust of Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

Johanna Archbold

The development of the monthly periodical in Ireland, Scotland and America, 1770-1830.

Rebecca Anne Barr

Samuel Richardson and his correspondents.
The novel and theories of affect.
Eighteenth century masculinities.

Kevin Barry

Literature and monetary change in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Literary and clinical writings on blindness in the Enlightenment.

Carol Baraniuk
James Orr
The Scottish Poetic Tradition in Ulster , esp. Burns, Ramsay, Fergusson.
The critical reception of Robert Burns.

Jochen Bedenk

William Hogarth and German aesthetic theory.
Representation of Beauty.
Text-image relations.

Christopher Borsing

Daniel Defoe

Conrad Brunström
Thomas Sheridan the Younger, as stage-manager and elocutionist.
Oliver Goldsmith as popular historian.

Averill Buchanan

Mary Tighe (1772-1810), her life and work.
Joseph Cooper Walker (1762-1810), his life and work.

Brian Caraher

The history and philosophy of Enlightenment aesthetics, especially the modern development of an aesthetic and sociology of taste and literary judgement, with particular attention to Hume, Burke, Kant, Hegel and late Enlightenment transformations of a neo-Longinian sublime and a post-Aristotelian pragmatics of literary form.
The poetry, poetics, critical debates and patterns of reception surrounding the work of William Wordsworth.
The Anglo-Irish writing, poetics, critical debates and patterns of reception surrounding the work of Maria Edgeworth.
The poetry, satirical writing, poetics and cultural politics surrounding the work of Thomas Moore, especially in relation to questions of audience, inter-arts aesthetics, British-Irish politics, and Moore's influence upon and figural importance for James Joyce.

Daniel Carey

Theory of money and the political economy in the eighteenth century.
Seventeenth-century prose fiction, esp. Henry Neville.
Cultural history of travel in the early modern period.
History of moral philosophy and theories of human nature.

Timothy Carson

Romanticism and the Bible.
Romantic Poetics.
Influence, Allusion, Intertextuality.

David Clare

Irish Drama
Irish Women Writers
Irish Anglican Writers
Irish Protestant and Dissenter Identities
Irish Popular Song

Lucy Cogan

Eighteenth-Century Women Writers, particularly in Ireland
William Blake
William Cowper

Marie-Louise Coolahan

Women, Writing, and Language in Early Modern Ireland.

Matilda Culme-Seymour
Idleness and Indolence in eighteenth-century and Romantic writing.

Mary Delargy
History of the Diocese of Derry
Church libraries in Ireland
Reading habits in Ulster in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Aileen Douglas

The material history of writing; textuality.
Eighteenth-century writing, especially Swift and Edgeworth.
Theories of human nature.

Marie Egan

Frances Burney.

Colleen English

The Elegy.
British Romanticism.
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Irish poetry.

Porscha Fermanis

British Romanticism, esp. Romantic poetry and poetics.
British Romantic history and historicism, esp. the historical novel and narrative history.
The relationship between Enlightenment and Romanticism.
Global Romanticisms and the history of globalisation.

Niall Gillespie
The literature of the United Irish.
The Act of Union paper war.
Anti-Jacobin Literature.

Crawford Gribben
Baptist literary culture, especially Andrew Fuller, John Gill.
Apocalyptic and millennial literature.

Rebecka Gronstedt
The rise of the female critic.
Drama, and the popularisation of criticism.

Danielle Grover

Clare Guest

The development of aesthetics from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.
The reprinting of Renaissance texts, particularly Italian, in the eighteenth century.

Estelle Haan Sheehan

English and neo-Latin poetry
Latin poetry by English poets

Raphaela Holinski

18th and 19th century literary and cultural connections between Ireland and India.
Irish missionary and educational work in India.
Female travel writers in India.

Moyra Haslett
18th-century women's writing, especially representations and perceptions of female communities.

Sandra Johnston

Women's writing and education.

Darrell Jones

History of the early modern essay
History and theory of literary criticism
Laurence Sterne.

Darryl Jones

Popular Literature.
Fiction 1780-1820, especially Jane Austen.
Gothic and Horror fiction.
Catastrophe fiction since the Enlightenment.

Declan William Kavanagh
British and Irish literature.
History of Sexuality.
History of Masculinity.
Queer theory.

Vivienne Keeley
Servants and truth in the eighteenth century novel.

Jim Kelly
Charles Robert Maturin.
Irish & Scottish fiction 1800-1824.
Irish women's poetry in the Romantic period.
Writing and the public sphere in post-Union Ireland.


Colum Kenny

Legal history.
Media history.

Jarlath Killeen

Irish writing in English.
Literature and religion.
Discourses of childhood.

Sylvie Kleinman

Military migration and intercultural contact.
The soldier as accidental tourist and travel-writer.

Sonja Lawrenson
Irish Women Writers and the British Empire.
The Irish novel.
Irish women's writing.

Liam Lenihan
The literature and art of James Barry, William Blake and Henry Fuseli. The word and image in enlightenment Britain.

Raffaella Leproni
Linguistic and Pedagogic aspects of the writings of Maria Edgeworth.

Joe Lines
Eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Irish fiction and the picaresque novel.
Irish novel forms: digression and interpolation.
William Carleton.

April London
The eighteenth-century novel, with particular interests in anecdote; secret history; and Samuel Richardson.

W. J. McCormack

The Origins of the Edward Worth Library (1733).

Timothy McLoughlin

Edmund Burke.
Letters of eighteenth-century travellers.
Postcolonial writing.
Correspondence of James Barry.

Joseph McMinn

Swift, the sister-arts and the Enlightenment in eighteenth-century Ireland.
Swift and the law.

Anne Markey
Folklore and fairy tales.
Children's literature.
Irish-language traditions and Irish writing in English.

Margaret Matthews
Women's Writing, especially Jane Austen.

Patricia Miller
Rev. John Lyon as antiquarian, and biographer of Swift.

Jennifer Moore
The provincial book trade in Ireland
Printers and print culture in Limerick
The writing of urban histories
Travel books.

Christopher Morash

The history of Irish media, 1550-2008.

Christina Morin

Irish Romantic Fiction
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century gothic literature.

Sharon Murphy

Late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century fiction, especially Maria Edgeworth (1768-1849).
Women's writing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The novel and Empire.
The novel in English from the late seventeenth to the late nineteenth century; Victorianism.

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

Translation in Ireland.
Maria Edgeworth.
Eibhlín Dhubh Ní Chonaill.

Allison Neill-Rabaux

Cross-culturalism and toleration in 18 th century Ireland
Jean-Pierre Droz and A Literary Journal

Michelle O’Connell

The representation of mourning in Romantic-period fiction, with a particular emphasis on women’s writing.
Intertextual networks in women’s poetry of the Romantic period.

Michael Ó Connor

Belfast printer James Magee (active 1735-1789).

Emily O'Flaherty

Mary Barber (c.1685-1755).
Eighteenth-century century women's writing.
Literary patronage and subscription in the eighteenth century.

Clíona Ó Gallchoir

Irish writing in the eighteenth century.
Eighteenth-century women's writing.
Writing and the public sphere in the eighteenth century.
Maria Edgeworth.

Jennifer Orr

Samuel Thomson
Robert Burns
The Scottish poetic tradition in Ulster
Eighteenth century Republic of Letters 

Sarah Prescott

Women’s Poetry and Writing from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, 1660-1800
Eighteenth-Century Wales
Katherine Philips
Women’s Writing, 1660-1800

John Regan


Shaun Regan

Prose fiction, esp. the eighteenth-century novel.
Eighteenth-century comic discourse.
The culture of politeness.
The early Black Atlantic.
Narratives of Slavery and Abolition.
Olaudah Equiano.

Daniel Roberts

Interconnections between Romantic and postcolonial literatures.
Sir William Jones and the orientalists.
Southey, De Quincey, Coleridge, Wordsworth and other Lake writers.
The Romantic periodical writers.
Romantic autobiographical writers.

Ian Campbell Ross

Travel writing.
The Irish novel 1680-1820.

Matthew Reznicek
Irish Women Writers
Representation of Continental Europe
Development of Modern Capitalism
Law and Literature

Julie Steenson

Women's writing of the eighteenth century, esp. 1780-1820.

James Shanahan

Representations of the 1798 Rebellion in fiction.

Maria Anita Stefanelli

Elizabeth Vesey and her circle.

Carol Stewart

Anglicanism and the novel.
Eliza Haywood

Sinéad Sturgeon

Irish writing c . 1795-1830 (esp. Maria Edgeworth, Sydney Owenson).
Law and Literature.

Jessica Tanner Mills
Origins of Gothic in Ireland and America
Jane Austen
Jonathan Swift

Elizabeth Tilley
Irish periodical publishing history to 1870.

Justin Tonra
Thomas Moore.
Bibliographical and Textual Studies.
Hypermedia and Hypertext Editing.

James Ward

Jonathan Swift and the metaphor of the body politic.
Literary representations of rubbish, c. 1690-1750.

Brandon Chao-Chi Yen

William Wordsworth
Imagery, iconography, and pictorial satires
Late Georgian British imaginings of Ireland
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