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ECLRNI, the Eighteenth Century Literature Research Network of Ireland
Statue of Oliver Goldsmith (1730 - 1774) in the grounds of Trinity College Dublin


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
16th symposium
Drumcondra House DCU
Saturday 2 November 2019



10.30-11.00 Coffee/biscuits

11.00-11.10 Welcome: Jim Shanahan (DCU) and Aileen Douglas (TCD)

11.10-11.25 Jimmy Kelly (DCU) An Introduction to Drumcondra House (1726)

11.25- 12.40 Ian Leask (DCU), ‘From Hypatia to Serena: John Toland’s Women’

Darrell Jones (TCD), ‘Francis Bacon and Romantic Philosophy’

Anne Markey (DCU), ‘Godwin and grammar, “a species of philosophy perhaps peculiarly adapted to the youthful mind”’

12.40-13.45 Lunch

13.45-15.00 Chris Borsing (TCD), ‘Re-Humanising Robinson’ Ian Campbell Ross (TCD), ‘“Has anybody here read Kelly?" or; how an Irish poet disappeared and why we should be concerned’

Aileen Douglas (TCD), Barbauld’s The British Novelists (1810), Maria Edgeworth, and canonicity                                    

15.00-15. 25

15.25- 16.40 Marie Egan (DCU), ‘Susan Burney’s Irish Exile 1796-1799 - the lifeline of her correspondence with Frances


Amy Prendergast (TCD), ‘Life Writing, Travel, and the Self: Two Bath Diaries (1796–1800) Considered’

Sharon Murphy (DCU), ‘ “I think I shall die soon, Boosy”:  Childhood Illness and Death in The History of Little Henry, and his Bearer

16.40 Closing remarks: Moyra Haslett (QUB)




Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
15th symposium
Trinity Long Room Hub, TCD
Saturday, 20 January 2018


10.30-11.00 Coffee and biscuits

11.00-11.15 Session 1

Ian Campbell Ross (TCD), ‘The Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Irelan: past, present and (particularly) future’

11.15-11.55 Session 2

Chair: Claire Connolly (UCC)

Moyra Haslett (QUB), ‘“Irish Literature in Transition 1700-1780”: an overview’

11.55-13.15 Session 3

Chair: Amy Prendergast (TCD)

Kristina Katherine Decker (UCC), ‘“[S]he feared she had not yet suffered eno.’ to expiate the guilt of her disobedience”:
Female Decorum in Mary Delany’s “Marianna”’

Marie Egan (DCU), ‘Frances Burney and Authorship: “[B]ut why, permit me to ask, must a female be made Nobody?”

Christina Morin (UL), ‘Regina Maria Roche and the Minerva Press’

13.15-14.15 Lunch

14.15-15.35 Session 4

Chair: Daniel Sanjiv Roberts (QUB)

Darrell Jones (NUI Galway), ‘Locke’s Blank Slate: A Reassessment’

Aileen Douglas (TCD), ‘The separation of the spheres: gender and domesticity in Maria Edgeworth’s fiction for adolescents’

Lara Atkin (UCD), ‘“No longer a disunited, wavering and temporary assemblage of adventurers”: Anglophone newspaper poetry and the making of colonial identity in 1820s South Africa’

15.35-15.55 Tea and biscuits

15.55-16.35 Session 5

Chair: Sarah Prescott (UCD)

Porscha Fermanis (UCD), ‘The (Moving) Boundaries of History and Fiction: From Bacon to Bentham’

16.35-16.45: Closing remarks

i Ian Campbell Ross, ‘ECLRNI 2018 onwards’


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
14th symposium
Marsh's Library, Dublin
Saturday, 26 November 2016


10.15-10.55 Coffee and biscuits

10.55-11.05 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

11.05-12.20 Panel 1. Chair: Moyra Haslett (QUB)

Darrell Jones (NUIG), 'Berkeley and Hutcheson on the Molyneux Problem'

Ian Leask (DCU), ‘Only Natural: John Toland and the Jewish Question’

Sue Hemmens (Marsh’s Library), ‘”Bright blazes … cast of[f] from the sun”: the Provost, the Comet, the World and its Maker’

12.20-13.10 Panel 2. Chair: Lucy Cogan (UCD)

Daniel Sanjiv Roberts (QUB) ‘Moore’s Oriental Artifice: Mughal History, Irish Antiquarianism, and Romance in Lalla Rookh

Prayag Ray (QUB), ‘Sympathy and India in Evangelical Discourse: India’s Cries to British Humanity (1830)’

13.10-14.05 Lunch

14.05-15.20 Panel 3. Chair: Aileen Douglas (TCD)

J. J. Regan (Clare Hall, U. of Cambridge), ‘Prosody and the Idea of Progress, 1760-1790’

Raffaella Leproni (Università Roma 3), ‘Literature, language, prejudice and society: Maria Edgeworth and bullyism in an intercultural perspective’

Sarah Comyn (UCD), ‘Political Economy and the language of feeling: Rereading Jane Marcet’

15.20-15.45 Tea and biscuits

15.45-16.35 Panel 4. Chair: Amy Prendergast (TCD)

Yuhki Takebayashi (TCD), ‘Oliver Goldsmith and history as a genre’

Nathan Garvey (UCD), ‘A Crisis of Authorship: The Publication of William Bligh’s Narrative of the Mutiny, on board HMS Bounty’

16.35-16.45 Closing Remarks: Ian Campbell Ross

The ECLRNI gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Marsh’s Library in making possible today’s event.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
13th symposium
Humanities Institute, University College Dublin
Saturday, 5 December 2015


Coffee and biscuits

10.55-11.00 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD) and Porscha Fermanis (UCD)

11.00-11.40 Panel 1. Chair: Ian Campbell Ross

Margaret Kelleher (UCD), ‘'Eighteenth-century studies and the field of our literary profession'

11.40-12.55 Panel 2. Chair: Darrell Jones (TCD)

Ian Leask (Mater Dei, DCU), ‘Stoicism in Toland’s Pantheisticon

Prayag Ray (QUB), ‘Ambivalence and the Exotic in Enlightenment Thought: The Agreement of the Customs of the East Indians with Those of the Jews (1705)’

Porscha Fermanis (UCD), ‘British Creoles: Nationhood, Identity and Romantic Geo-Politics in Robert Southey’s History of Brazil

12.55-13.55 Lunch

13.55-15.10 Panel 3. Chair: Michelle O’Connell (UCD)

Moyra Haslett (QUB), 'The Fair Intellectual Club' (Edinburgh 1719)

Amy Prendergast (TCD), ‘“Elle est arrivée en habit d’Amazone”: Encounters with Public and Private Women in the Diary of Elias Bouhéreau’

Joe Lines (QUB), ‘“The Voice of Toleration”: Irish Religion in The Minor, or the History of George O’Nial (1786)’

15.10-15.30 Tea and biscuits

15.30-16.45 Panel 4. Chair: Anne Markey (TCD)

Lucy Cogan (QUB), William Blake's Book of Thel and the Science of Education’

Tim Carson (QUB), 'The glowing phrase of ancient inspiration serving me': Biblical Texturing in The Prelude.

Aileen Douglas (TCD), ‘Pope, Blake and Isaac D’Israeli: the logic of the copy’

16.45-16.50 Closing Remarks: Ian Campbell Ross

Co-organizers: Porscha Fermanis (UCD), Margaret Kelleher (UCD), Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

The ECLRNI gratefully acknowledges the support of the Humanities Institute, UCD


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
12th symposium
Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin
Saturday, 6 December 2014

long room hum  2

10.15-10.50 Coffee and biscuits

10.55-11.00 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD) and Aileen Douglas (TCD)

11.00- 12.00

Chair: Ian Leask (Mater Dei, DCU)

Daniel Carey (NUIG): Irish intellectual history 1690-1760

Chair: Clíona Ó Gallchoir (UCC)

Moyra Haslett (QUB), Defining sisterhood: the case of Clarissa (1747-48)

12.00-13.00 Chair: Carol Baraniuk (UU)

Anne Markey (TCD): Charles Lamb, “that damn’d infernal bitch”, and the Godwins’ Juvenile Library

Mary O’Connell (UCC): How to build an empire: John Murray II

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.20 Chair: Amy Prendergast (TCD)

Patricia McCann (QUB), Before Wit and Mirth: Thomas D’Urfey’s early song collections

Christopher Borsing (TCD), A Simple Twist in Discourse: Daniel Defoe’s Stepford Wives in The Family Instructor (1715; 1718)

Vivienne Keeley (TCD), Henry Fielding’s Universal Register Office.

15.20-15.45 Tea and biscuits

15.45-16.45 Chair: Aileen Douglas (TCD)

Daniel Roberts (QUB): “Repress your zeal, my son”: Paternity, Tolerance, and Colonial Politics in Charles Johnston’s The History of Arsaces

Jennifer Martin (UU), “So sleeps the pride of former days”: the politics of Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies

16.50-16.55 Closing Remarks: Ian Campbell Ross


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
11th symposium
The Boardroom, Belvedere House, St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, Dublin

St Pats College

Coffee and Scones

11.00-11.10 Welcome
Daire Keogh, President, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Jim Shanahan (St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra)

11.10-11.40 Session 1: Chair (Noreen Doody, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra)

James Kelly (St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra): The History of Belvedere House

Session 2: Chair (Moyra Haslett, QUB)

Porscha Fermanis (UCD): Joanna Baillie's Metrical Legends, Counter-factual History and Gendered Knowledge 

Katie Garner (UCC):  Ancient Ballads: A Forgotten Edition of Percy’s Reliques, by a Lady

12.30-1.45 Lunch

1.45-3.05 Session 3: Chair (James Kelly, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra)

James Wood (TCD): Friendship, Politics, and William Molyneux's Life of Writing

David O’Shaughnessy (TCD): “A compleat portrait of all that is mean, base, and abominable, in human life”: Rethinking the Stage Irishman in 1783

Niall Gillespie (TCD): The Limitations of the Irish Anti-Jacobin Novel, c. 1793-1815.

3.05-3.25 Tea and biscuits

3.25-4.45 Session 4: Chair (Aileen Douglas, TCD)

Joe Lines (QUB): “Their boasted borough of P-t-g-n”: Improvement in a 1786 Irish Novel

Christine Mangan (UCD): The Tortured Body: Sodomitical Discourse in Francis Lathom’s The Midnight Bell

Matthew Reznicek (QUB): We Could Turn All Our Lead to Gold: The Faustian Economics of Ormond

4.45 Closing remarks: Jim Shanahan 


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
10th symposium
Gamble Library, Union Theological College, Belfast
Saturday, 13 April 2013

Gamble Library

10.15-10.45 Coffee / Tea

10.45–10.50 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

10.50-11.30 Chair: Moyra Haslett (QUB)
Andrew Holmes (QUB), ‘Eighteenth-century holdings in the Gamble library’

11.30-12.45 Panel I. Chair: Kathryn White (UU)

Carol Baranuik (UU), ‘In the Spirit of ’98: James Orr’s Post-Union Persona’

Jennifer Orr (TCD), ‘Varieties of Dissent in Ulster-Scots poetry’

David Gray (UU), ‘Cornucopian Ulster in William Hamilton Drummond’s epic poem, The Giant’s Causeway (1811)’

12.45-1.45 Lunch.

1.45 – 3.00 Panel II. Chair: Aileen Douglas (TCD)

Frank Ferguson (UU), ‘The Presbyterian Romantic Recycling Mill: The Correspondence of Thomas Percy and Robert Anderson’

Willa Murphy (UU), ‘“Satisfied with the marrow and fatness”: The Epicurean Theology of Bishop Frederick Hervey’

James Ward (UU), ‘Globalizing Farquhar: The Recruiting Officer in the penal colony’

3.00-3.30 Coffee / Tea

3.30–4.45 Panel III. Chair:  Rebecca Barr (NUI Galway)

Joanne Davies (QUB), ‘The Muse of Indifference: Subversion and Sensibility in Women’s Poetry, 1757-1800’

Moyra Haslett (QUB), ‘“How many Pictures of one Nymph we view”: lists of women in early eighteenth-century print culture’

Anne Markey (TCD), ‘Neglected children: the orphans of the Pollard collection, TCD’

4.45-4.50 Closing Remarks: Ian Campbell Ross

The ECLRNI most gratefully thanks the Union Theological College particularly Professor J. Patton Taylor (Principal) and Mrs Sandra

McKinney (Registrar/Administrator), for generously allowing use of the Library and to Brian Henry (catering services manager) and

Tom Bourega (sub-warden) for helping with arrangements on the day.

 The symposium is generously supported by the Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
9th symposium
Marsh’s Library, Dublin
Saturday, 24 November 2012

Marsh's Library

10.45-11.15 Coffee

11.15-11.20 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

11.20-11.55 Chair: Ian Campbell Ross

Jason McElligott (Marsh’s Library), ‘Marsh’s Library: an introduction'

11.55-12.35 Panel 1 (Chair: Jim Shanahan, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra)

Clíona Ó Gallchoir (UCC), 'Samuel Madden's Reflections and Resolutions proper for the Gentlemen of Ireland: Patriot Economics, Gender and Cultural Production in Eighteenth-Century Ireland'
Jennifer Martin (UU), ‘Thomas Moore and Irish Politics: his Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1825)   

12.35-13.45 Lunch                        

13.45-14.25    Panel 2 (Chair: Moyra Haslett, QUB)

Sue Hemmens (Marsh’s Library and TCD), ‘Witnessing nature: Narcissus Marsh and the caterpillar’

Liam Lenihan (UCC),The Scientific Sublime: Erasmus Darwin and George Stubbs’

14.25-15.05 Panel 3 (Chair: Aileen Douglas, TCD)

James Wood (TCD),  ‘Johnson and Boswell in the South Seas’

Daniel Sanjiv Roberts (QUB), ‘Mediating Indian Literature in the Age of Empire: Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine and Orientalism’
15.05-15.30   Tea

15.30-16.10 Panel 4 (Chair: David O’Shaughnessy, TCD)

Michael Lee (QUB), ‘“Then all you Sparks who have to Paris Rid, / And there heard Lullys Musical Armide…”: John Dennis and John Eccles’ Rinaldo and Armida (1698) and the cultural politics of adaptation’

Moyra Haslett (QUB), ‘Women and club culture: Group portraits and conversation pieces’

16.10-16.15 Closing remarks (Ian Campbell Ross)

The eclrni gratefully acknowledges the support of Marsh’s Library and the School of English, Trinity College Dublin

MArsh's Library conferene

Sue Hemmens, Acting Deputy Keeper; Ian Campbell Ross, Convenor, ECLRNI:   
Jason McElligott, Keeper, Marsh’s Library


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
8th Symposium
Long Room Hub, TCD
Saturday, 3 December 2011

Long Room HUB

10.30-11.00 Coffee/biscuits

11.00-11.05 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

11.05-11.45 Chair: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

Margaret Kelleher (An Foras Feasa, NUIM), 'Digital Humanities and Literary Studies: Introducing the Proposed Electronic Edition to the Loebers’ Guide to Irish Fiction'

11.45-13.00 Chair: Andrew Carpenter (UCD)

Ian Leask (Mater Dei Institute, DCU), ‘Speaking for Spinoza? Comments on John Toland’s Origins Judaicae

Darrell Jones (TCD), ‘Locke and Sterne, or the History of a Critical Hobby-Horse’

Sonja Lawrenson (TCD), ‘“The Most Enlightened Country in Europe”: Celtic Antiquity and European Enlightenment in Sydney Owenson’s The Wild Irish Girl (1806)’

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.15 Chair: Aileen Douglas (TCD)

Andrew Carpenter (UCD), ‘Who read English poetry in eighteenth-century Ireland’

Emily O’Flaherty (UCG), '''Some Guardian Pow'rs": Patronage and Berkeley’s Bermuda Scheme in the poems of Mary Barber and Constantia Grierson’

Christopher Stokes (NUIM), ‘"Whene'er to call the Saviour mine": Prayer and Affect in Eighteenth-Century Women's Verse’
15.15-15.35 Tea/biscuits

15.35-16.25 Chair: Moyra Haslett (QUB)

Sylvie Kleinman (TCD), 'Getting to know the enemy: Bishop Stock's unpublished diary of the French occupation of Mayo, 1798'

Aileen Douglas (TCD) ‘Remediation: printing script in the eighteenth century’

16.25-16.55 Chair: Amy Prendergast (TCD)

James Ward (UU), ‘Remember 1688? The Glorious Revolution and The Draughtsman's Contract

16.55      Closing remarks: Ian Campbell Ross

The ECLRNI gratefully acknowledges the support of the Long Room Hub & the School of English, Trinity College Dublin


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
7th Symposium
Clinton Institue for America Studies, UCD
Saturday, 2 April 2011

Clinton Institute


10.15-10.55 Coffee and biscuits

10.55 Welcome: Porscha Fermanis (UCD)

11.00-11.30 Session 1 Chair: Anne Markey (TCD)

Evelyn Flanagan (Special Collections Librarian, UCD Library): 'Research Collections at UCD: 18th and 19th Century Material'

11.30-12.10 Session 2 Chair: Anne Fogarty (UCD)

Dan Carey (UCG): 'Money, Credit, and Economic Crisis in the 1690s: John Locke's Philosophy of Money'

Darrell Jones (TCD): '"Locke on the Rocks": Coleridge at the Crown & Anchor Tavern'

12.10-1.10 Session 3 Chair: Dan Carey (UCG)

Christopher Borsing (TCD): 'Robinson Crusoe: Defoe’s Speculative Theatre'

Anne Markey (TCD): 'John Carey and the American Dream'

Niall Gillespie (TCD): ‘The Creation of the Historical Subject: Irish Radical Writing in the United States, c. 1796-1820’

1.10-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.15 Session 4 Chair: Moyra Haslett (QUB)

Rebecca Barr (UCG): 'Fielding's  'The Cry' and the unpleasures of the imagination'

Rebecka Gronstedt (QUB), ‘The “Rise” of the Female Critic, 1673-1754’

Michelle O'Connell (UCD): 'Sappho, the Improvisatrice, and Mary Robinson'

3.15-3.45 Tea and biscuits

3.45-4.45 Session 5 Chair: Jim Kelly (TCD)  

Lucy Cogan (UCD), ‘Sarah Butler and Charlotte Brooke: Situating Irishness’

Christina Morin (TCD):  “‘She holds the dagger o’er my head”: Irish women writers and the Gothic novel, 1760-1800’

Dara Downey (TCD), ‘Violence, Iconoclasm, and the Body in Charles Brockden Brown's Wieland; or, The Transformation – An American Tale

4.45 Closing remarks: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

Co-organizers: Porscha Fermanis
                        Ian Campbell Ross

The ECLRNI expresses its thanks to the School of English, Drama and Film, UCD, for financial support.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
6th Symposium
Linen Hall Library, Belfast
Saturday, 27th November 2010








10.00-10.45 Arrival. Tea / Coffee and Scones

10.45–10.50 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

10.50-12.05 Panel I. Chair: Moyra Haslett (QUB)

John Killen (Linen Hall Library), ‘The Linen Hall library and the reading habits of a Georgian gentleman’

Michael O’Connor (QUB), ‘The Business of Print: James Magee (1707-1797) and Reading Tastes in Eighteenth-Century Belfast’

Robert Whan (QUB), ‘Presbyterians and print in late Stuart and early Hanoverian Belfast’

12.05-12.15 Break

12.15-13.30 Panel II. Chair: Aileen Douglas (TCD)

Mark Crosby (QUB), ‘“The voice of flattery versus sober truth”: Godwin and the Theatre of the Courtroom’

Liam Lenihan (UCC), ‘An Artist of the Miltonic Sublime: James Barry and the Godwinian Paradox’

Niall Gillespie (TCD), ‘Endogamy, Consanguinity and Family Configuration in Irish Anti-Jacobin Fiction’

13.30 -14.20 Lunch

14.20-15.35 Panel III. Chair: Anne Markey (TCD)

Joseph McMinn (UU), ‘“A Shower of Bankers”: Swift, Money and Trust'

Carol Stewart (QUB), ‘Joseph Andrews, the Sacrifice of Isaac and Anticlericalism’

Jim Kelly (TCD), ‘The Beggar at the Door: Moore, Hazlitt, and Tone’

15.35-15.40 Closing Remarks

16.30-17.30 Book Launch: Queen’s University Bookshop

Carol Stewart, The Eighteenth-Century Novel and the Secularization of Ethics (Ashgate, 2010)

The ECLRNI most gratefully thanks the Linen Hall Library, particularly Brian Adgey (Director), John Killen (Librarian), and Marie Ryan (Customer Services Manager), for generously allowing use of the Library.


The symposium was generously supported by the Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
5th symposium
Meeting Room 2 (Room 2.009) in the New Library,College Park, Queen's University Belfast
Saturday, 21 November 2009

10.15-10.45 Coffee and biscuits

10.45 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD) & Moyra Haslett (QUB)

10.50-11.10 Diarmuid Kennedy (QUB): ‘Research opportunities in the QUB Library'

11.10-12.20 Panel 1

Moyra Haslett (QUB), ‘The Idea of a female community: learned ladies in Ballard, Amory and Johnson'

Amy Prendergast (TCD), ‘Samuel Johnson's contribution to Bluestocking conversation'

Danielle Grover (UCD), ‘Dazzling false suitors: the role of the musical duet in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility and Emma'.

12.20-13.30 Panel 2

John Regan (UCD): 'Adam Ferguson: Ambiguous Progress and its Poetic Correlatives'

Porscha Fermanis (UCD), ‘William Godwin's History of the Commonwealth and Psychology of Individual History'

Carol Baraniuk (U. of Glasgow), ‘A Burns Scholar Seeks Asylum'

13.30-14.15 Lunch (courtesy of the Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies, QUB)

14.15-15.25 Panel 3

Chris Borsing (TCD), ‘“The True-Born Englishman: Defoe's Hall of Mirrors'

Carole Stewart (Oman), ‘Eliza Haywood's The Fortunate Foundlings: A Jacobite Novel'

Allison Neill-Rabaux (UU), ‘A Literary Journal: a platform for exchange in mid-eighteenth-century Ireland?'

15.25-15.45 Tea

15.45-16.55 Panel 4

Christina Morin (QUB), ‘Recognizably Irish? The Gothic Novels of Regina Maria Roche'

Jennifer Orr (U. of Glasgow), ''"In Costume Scotch": Samuel Thomson's Fashioning of the Ulster Landscape'.

Anne Markey (TCD) ‘Mitchelstown, Mrs Mason, and moral tales for children'

16.55-17.00 Closing remarks


The Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland gratefully acknowledges the generous assistance of the Centre Eighteenth-Century Studies, QUB.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland was held in conjunction with the Archbishop Robinson Tercentenary Commemoration.
4th symposium

Public Library, Armagh
Saturday, 8th November 2008

antrim symp


Coffee and scones provided in the Library


Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (Trinity College Dublin)


Session 1

Carol Conlin (Armagh Public Library) ‘The Library as part of Robinson's Legacy to Armagh '

Joseph McMinn (University of Ulster), ‘Jonathan Swift and Armagh'


Session 2

Aileen Douglas (Trinity College Dublin), 'The Death and Life of Samuel Johnson'

Sonja Lawrenson (Queen's University Belfast), ‘Frances Sheridan's History of Nourjahad and the Sultan of Smock-Alley'

Christina Morin (University College Cork), ‘Regina Maria Roche's The Children of the Abbey and the Gothic Origins of the National Tale'


A soup and sandwich lunch will be provided in the Music Hall, Vicars' Hill


Session 3

Patricia Miller (Queen's University Belfast), ‘Swift, the Revd. John Lyon MS, and Lyon's connections with Armagh'

Niall Gillespie (Trinity College Dublin), ‘Literature in The National Journal '

Shaun Regan (Queen's University Belfast), '"Our Fashionable Excesses"': Taste and the Town in The Connoisseur


Session 4

The 5th ECLRNI symposium: a proposal


Tea and biscuits provided in the Library

and the opportunity to view the collection of Armagh Public Library.


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
3rd symposium
Pearse St Library, Dublin
Saturday, 1 March 2008

p st lib facade




10.15-10.45 Coffee

10.45-10.50 Welcome: Ian Campbell Ross (TCD)

10.50-11.55 Panel 1

Máire Kennedy (Dublin Public Libraries): ‘Research collections at Dublin City Library and Archive'

Johanna Archbold (TCD), ‘Artefacts of literature: periodicals in Ireland, 1770-1830'

12.00-1.10 Panel 2

Andrew Carpenter (UCD) ‘Further thoughts on printing and selling nonsense in eighteenth-century Ireland'.

Sharon Murphy (TCD) ‘Anna Maria Edwards and The Enchantress '

Sinéad Sturgeon (QUB) ‘Edgeworth, Falstaff and Castle Rackrent '

1.15-2.15 Lunch (library café)

2.15-3.25 Panel 3

Porscha Fermanis (UCD) ‘Visualizing distance: the reader as spectator in Walter Scott's Waverley '

Christina Morin (UCC), ‘”The style of my friend Walter Scott”: The Albigenses as historical novel'

Jim Shanahan (TCD) ‘Canon fodder?: moving beyond the canon in early-nineteenth century fiction'.

3.25-3.45 Tea

3.50-5.00 Panel 4

Patricia Miller (QUB), ‘Bindon's portraits of Swift and their contemporary reception'

Sylvie Kleinman (TCD), ‘Wolfe Tone and the virtual library of a revolutionary in exile'

The ECLRNI gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Long Room Hub, TCD


Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland
2nd symposium
Lucan House, Co. Dublin
Saturday, 17 November 2007

Lucan photo 2

Literature and Audience: Writing, Circulation, and Publication in the Long Eighteenth Century

Saturday, 17 November: 11.00 a.m - 6 p.m.

Arrival & Coffee

11.00 Welcome

11.15-12.15 Session 1 (followed by a short question period)

Maria Anita Stefanelli (Roma 3 & TCD): ‘Elizabeth Vesey's letters from Lucan'

Moyra Haslett (QUB): ‘ Becoming bluestockings: public and private representations'


12.25 Lunch

1.00 Tour of the House

1.30-2.30 Session 2 (followed by a short question period)

Daniel Roberts (QUB): ‘ My Country Needs YOU! Audience and Recruitment in Dean Mahomed's Travels (1794)'

Aileen Douglas (TCD): ‘ Indian experiments, British audiences, and the diffusion of writing (1797-1832)'

Sharon Murphy (TCD): 'Well selected books, or, what soldiers at East India Company Stations in India were reading c. 1820- c. 1830'.


2.40 Tour of garden: 18th century building & Norman castle

3.00 Coffee/Tea

3.15-4.15 Session 3 (followed by a short question period)

Carol Baraniuk (U of Glasgow & QUB): ‘A Bardic Fraternity in South Antrim in the 1790s and 1800s' 

Ian Campbell Ross (TCD): '"Printed for the Ease of her whom it was made for": the authorship and readership of Vertue Rewarded (1693)'  


4.15-5.00 Panel discussion

Chair: Máire Kennedy (Dublin City Library and Archive (Gilbert Library)

5.00-6.00 Drinks

Lucan photo

Prof. Maria Anita Stefanelli; the Ambassodor of Italy, Dr. Lucio Alberto Savoia; and Prof. Ian Campbell Ross

The symposium took place in Lucan House by kind permission of the Italian Ambassador to Ireland, Dr. Lucio Alberto Savoia.

'Eighteenth-Century Studies in Ireland: Current Teaching at 3rd-level' 
1st symposium
Trinity College Dublin
Saturday, 3 February 2007

The speakers were:

Conrad Brunström (NUI, Maynooth)
Daniel Carey (NUI, Galway)
Andrew Carpenter (University College Dublin)
Aileen Douglas (Trinity College Dublin)
Joseph Mcminn (University of Ulster)
Clíona Ó Gallchoir (University College Cork)
Shaun Regan (Queen's University Belfast)

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