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E3 Research

Research excellence is one of the factors that makes Trinity the leading university in Ireland. The E3 project has strengthened research through the recruitment of talented academics and by focusing their work on the issues of a liveable planet. Their ambition to balance technological development, the natural world, the digital, the human, a thriving society, and a thriving economy enables a radically different approach to problem solving: one that seeks balanced solutions for a better world.

E3 Research Institute

Balanced solution for a better world is a crucial mindset for making progress on climate action, and other key challenges of our time.

E3 research tackles the fundamental issues of a liveable planet, the technological development that is needed for our economy and society, and the social behaviours that emerge or that need to be fostered. At the core of the E3 Research is a recognition that technology must evolve in symbiosis with the natural world. The natural world furnishes us with resources that are needed for economic activity and for society, and that economic activity in turn impacts on the natural world.