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Do you know what daily habits you should engage in, to live a long, healthy life? Professor Kenny will be joining us in an online lecture on 22nd March, and the habits she recommends based on her research in TILDA and beyond are probably not what you expect.  They include lovely things like friendship, laughter, sex and taking rest every day as well as the usual suspects like exercise, diet, attitude and more. 

Professor Rose Anne Kenny is one of the world's leading scientists on ageing and through her work in TILDA has generated more than 600 research papers over the past 12 years. TILDA follows almost 9,000 adults and covers all aspects of life – from sex to food, to physical and brain health, genetics, childhood experience, expectations, friendships, finance and much more – to illustrate why and how we age.

She will present ideas from her new book, Age Proof: The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life which is a number 1 international bestseller.  Afterwards there will be a Questions and Answers session chaired by Dr. David McGrath, Medical Director of College Health.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd March
Time: 1pm-1.50
Location: Online
Format: Presentation by Prof. Kenny: 1.00-1.30
Questions and answers chaired by Dr. McGrath: 1.30-1.50

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