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Health & Sports Week: 19th-22rd March 2019

Theme: Take your points and the goals will come!

In GAA, 'take your points and the goals will come' means focus on small wins and the big ones will follow. We've chosen it as our theme because our health is determined by the little things we do all day long, not by big bursts of "being healthy".

As the end of term approaches, you're busy. When you take a break, make the most of it by doing something small but positive for your health. You could try a new sport, do some mindfulness or take a walk with a friend rather than checking your phone or going for a cigarette ! The evidence shows that taking the right type of breaks makes you more productive.

Here's how Health and Sports Week will help you take your points so the goals will come.

Launch: Celebration of Tobacco Free Trinity

We're proud to be a tobacco free campus and at our launch on Tuesday 19th March at 1pm in Fellows' Square, we're going to celebrate it. Here's how:

1.00pm: Trinitones & Trinity Belles

Both Trinitones and Trinity Belles will sing for us. We've asked them to sing "All I need is the air that I breathe" but they're planning to surprise us. Can you think of any other fresh air/clean campus themed songs we could request? Suggestions to



1.10pm: Pinata Punch: Win a Trinity Ball Ticket

Take your stress out on our cigarette shaped Pinata. Whoever strikes the winning blow wins a Trinity Ball ticket. Thanks to Tobacco Free Trinity for providing the Piñata and ticket.





1.00-2.00pm: Ultimate Frisbee Demo to Launch Healthy Library

DU Ultimate Frisbee will show you how to take a really great break from your studies or work.  Come to Fellows’ Square and they’ll show you how much fun Ultimate Frisbee is.  Healthy Trinity and TCD SU will hand out free Frisbees and free t-shirts at the launch. 


12.30-1.30: Shaka Bike Raffle and free bike lights with Student Showcase

Third year mechanical engineers having been coming up with inventions to solve cycling problems. They will showcase their prototypes at our launch.

Have a chat with our inventors and they'll give you free bike lights (if they've any left) and an entry form to win a second hand bike donated by Shaka. They're also offering a student discount to Trinity. This brand new bike is available for eur330 to anyone with a Trinity ID.





Prof. Luke O'Neill: Humanology

In his book Humanology, Trinity's Prof. Luke O'Neill sets out to explain much of human kind's 'amazing existence' through the scientific lense. He ranges from narrow health topics like sleep, death and aging to topics as broad as how life began and how it will end.

Luke is known for his charismatic style of presenting and is, as Pat Kenny said "A man who can explain 4.2 billion years of life on Earth and make me laugh at the same time – sheer genius." 

Some of the facts covered by Luke's book include the science behind how we got to be so smart, why sex with a caveman was a good idea, the science of finding love, why we follow religions, and how robots will become part of everyday life. Humanology is a humbling reminder that we’re just a small speck in a big universe – so sit back and embrace the adventure.

When: Wednesday, 20th March 12.30pm
Where:Room LTEE1 (East End of Hamilton building)
How: Turn up on the day. Lunch will be provided on a first come first serve basis.


Dr. Áine Kelly: Exercise and the Brain

In this talk, neuroscientist Prof Áine Kelly of the School of Medicine in Trinity will describe the effects of exercise on the structure and function of the brain. She will present results from her own research showing why being physically active is one of the most important things you can do to  encourage and protect your brain health throughout life.

When: Thursday, 21st March 1.05-1.45pm
Where: WorkBench Room, Bank of Ireland, Hamilton Building
How: Turn up on the day. Sandwiches and fruit will be provided


Healthy Library

We’ve surrounded you with easy ways to take a good break from your studies.  DU Volleyball Club will have a nets on New Square, there'll be yoga and mindfulness in the library north training room, fencing will be offering come and try sessions on New Square, the library has laid out board games for all to use in the central area of the Berkeley, the Hamilton Library and the John Stearne Medical Library, you can try Volleyball, use your free Frisbees on New Square all week. Check out the programme for the week for full details.



Healthy Library: A book that changed my life

Can you think of a book that changed your life for the better? As part of the Healthy Library initiative, the Library will stock a supply of health promoting books in September. The problem is, health is so broad that books on almost anything can be considered health promoting. So we need your help to choose which books to include in the Healthy Library collection. Will you vote on what book changed your life for the better?

Maybe you'll go for an obviously health promoting book like A good life, a book about how to live ethically or In Defence of Food about how to eat, but we're open to all suggestions. For example maybe you'll choose Anna Karenina because it teaches us about women's role in society or the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe because it gave you a love of books and developed your imagination. Maybe you'll choose something non-fiction like The Shock Doctrine or something religious like the Bible. There is no wrong answer and we would love to hear what you think.

Click here to vote

The Library will create a collection based on your votes in September 2019.

Climbing & Archery Come and Try Sessions

Have you always wanted to try the climbing wall? Do you think you have the cool, calm disposition required for archery? Now is your chance to find out. All welcome.

When: Thursday, 21st March, 7-10pm
Where: Sports Centre
How: Just turn up

When: Friday, 22nd March, 2-4pm
Where: Sports Centre
How: Just turn up

Free Sports Centre Classes

As usual Trinity Sport are being SUPER generous. There's lots and lots free classes. Check out the programme here.

Health checks

College Health nurses will once again give their time to offer blood pressure checks in the Dining Hall reception.

Exercise Hour for Staff

As usual, during the Week, all Trinity staff are entitled to take Exercise Hour which is an hour out of work to exercise.  To show support for Exercise Hour, College Health will close for one hour during Health and Sports Week and the doctors, nurses and administrative staff will spend that hour exercising. 

We are aware that for many people finding an hour out of work is difficult but we encourage staff members to take Exercise Hour too.   As you know, regular exercise is beneficial to mental and physical health.  It is also an opportunity to spend time with your colleagues having fun.  More details here.

You can see the full programme of the weeks events.

Mindfulness Meditation

Karita, the College Physio and Mindfulness Instructor will give early morning guided meditation sessions where you become aware of the thoughts, body and emotions which will help you to make the best choices for the rest of your day and life perhaps! Karita's advice includes

  • Take time to be quiet with yourself. Meditate, pray or go fishing!
  • Savour the moment. Enjoy what you are doing now, instead of re-living the past or anticipating the future.

Where should we put Trinity's new Bike Repair Station?

Feeling Flat. Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Cycling is often the fastest and cheapest mode of transport available. New bicycle air and repair stations are ordered. Now you tell us where you want them!

‪Vote here:

Thank you to the Provost's Sustainability Fund and Estates & Facilities for funding the station. The Provost's Sustainability fund is open until the 22nd of March.


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