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  • Two new potential therapeutic targets for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Science Foundation Ireland 2020 Science Awards recognise key leaders in the Irish Research Community.
  • Is reaching zero COVID-19 possible?.
  • Landmark deal for UQ-Trinity inflammation startup.
  • Speed, success, diplomacy and delivery: the formula for a Covid-19 vaccine
  • TCD scientists researching treatments for Covid-19
  • Further investment in COVID-19 Research Project
  • TCD: response to Covid-19
  • #IrelandinSF VIRTUAL Speaker Series
  • Covid-19 immunology project
  • Kingston Mills, Covid-19 immunology project
  • Global effort to develop a blend of drugs to control Covid-19 is under way
  • TBSI Research Role, Covid-19
  • TBSI Covid-19 research hub, Prof Kingston Mills, is co-leading the project
  • Sitryx announces major licensing and research collaboration with Lilly
  • Behind the Headlines discussion Plagues and Pandemics which was livestreamed to over 7000 viewers on Thursday evening, March 26th 2020
  • President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, has honoured four Trinity College researchers as recipients of the SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders Awards at a special ceremony in Áras an Uachtaráin, Dublin
  • TBSI Postdoc Career Day, 5 March 2020, Agenda
  • Trinity scientists discover new “Jekyll and Hyde” immune cell
  • TBSI Scientists with asthma breakthrough, published in Nature Communications 26 February 2020
  • Traumatic brain injury,‘Resetting’ immune cells improves traumatic brain injury recovery in preclinical trials, published in Journal of Neuroscience
  • Broken Heart
  • New discovery provides hope for improved MS therapies
  • Structures of lipoprotein signal peptidase II from Staphylococcus aureus complexed with antibiotics globomycin and myxovirescin, Nature Communications
  • Professor Martin Caffrey, Fellow Emeritus in Trinity’s School of Biochemistry and Immunology, is the senior author of the research article
  • TBSI Scientists discover how TB puts the brakes on our immune engines
  • TBSI researcher, one of three to win prestigious ERC awards
  • TBSI researchers uncover critical metabolic switch for inflammatory diseases, IRISH TIMES
    The findings are reported 21st November 2019 in the world’s leading metabolism journal Cell Metabolism – with the chief discovery being that PKM2 is a central ‘on’ switch for these cells. Lead author Stefano Angiari, working with a team led by Luke O’Neill, Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, has been exploring the role of PKM2 in the regulation of two cell types called ‘Th17’ and ‘Th1’ cells'. Dr Stefano Angiari, Trinity, said: “Th17 and Th1 cells are very important for the damage that happens in autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. We have found that interfering with PKM2 blocks these cells and limits inflammation.” Professor Luke O’Neill added: “PKM2 is a fascinating protein that has a role in how cells use glucose for energy, but it also moonlights in the immune system, where we have found it can be especially troublesome. We are currently exploring it as a new target for therapies that might work in patients with diseases like psoriasis and multiple sclerosis, where treatment options are limited.” The study was funded by the EU Marie Curie programme (which funded Dr Angiari), and the Wellcome Trust
  • Minister Humphreys announces €25m for six projects through the SFI Research Infrastructure Programme
  • Chemists create self-assembling material
    Probe 2019
    TBSI Research Symposium 2019
    HCV infections
    SARM Researchers
    TBSI welcomes its new Academic Director, Professor Kingston Mills
    ERC Advanced Grant
    Spin-out Azadyne completes €1.75million funding round
    Link between obesity and cancer
    The “speed gene” myostatin
    Circadian clock protein BMAL1 regulates IL-1β in macrophages via NRF2
    gd T cells keeping us warm
    Switch capable of turning off inflammation
    Chemistry Breakthroughs
    Loss of the molecular clock in myeloid cells exacerbates T cell-mediated CNS autoimmune disease
    Andrew Bowie’s paper
    Plusvital Launches the World’s First Nutrigenomic Supplement for Horses
    International Cytokine and Interferon Society
    Five leading Irish-based researchers to share SFI prize of €7m
    Career Development Symposium
    TCD Immunology Research Forum 2018-19
    8th Annual Irish NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING Meeting
    Arthritis Ireland Annual Lecture
    Public Lecture: Biomedical Frontiers
    The Glycobiology World
    Burkitt Medal lecture