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News about Covid-19

News about Covid-19

COVID-19 recovery in the housing market
Luke O’Neill on latest COVID-19 developments
Face masks should be mandatory in Irish shops
Impact of COVID-19 on the rental market
We cannot wish the virus away
We must test and trace to avoid new surge
New study finds female leaders are doing better during COVID19
Department of health advises use of vitamin D supplement based on scientific advice
Are we moving at the right pace on the COVID19 roadmap?
Fatherhood could be the real winner of lockdown
Why it’s difficult to be a woman in research right now
Brain health research is leaving the lab and coming to your smartphone
Time to be ambitious. We need a department of higher education and research
Avoiding the 3Cs: closed spaces, crowded spaces and close contact
Prof Luke O’Neill: It’s definitely beatable, COVID19
Encouraging signs in early trial of possible COVID19 vaccine
Will the pandemic property price be a blip or a tailspin?
How staying indoors affects your immune system
What if preserving ecosystems could prevent future pandemics?
Scientific update: Luke O’Neill on COVID19
Call for flexibility in government roadmap for reopening business
Kingston Mills on finding a vaccine
Many new graduates facing uncertain job prospects in the age of COVID19
Fears over ’generous benefits’ to ease virus crisis misses the point
Plan to reopen economy will fail if childcare is not taken seriously
A nation holds its breath: what Ireland can do to avoid a second surge of COVID19
Health and safety in crèches shouldn’t take precedence over children’s play, say experts
Trinity panel discuss inequality and COVID19
New thermal cameras may not detect COVID19 experts warn
Kingston Mills on Trinity’s COVID19 trails
Up to 25% of COVID19 cases in US can be traced back to one individual
COVID19: Adults should take vitamin D researchers say
BCG-induced trained immunity: Can it offer protection against COVID19?
Healthcare, contact tracing and life after the pandemic
Working from home: How to support people with disabilities in the workforce
The huge gamble: Keeping schools shut may damage our children’s prospects
Research: Testing for virus tracing app pushed to end of month
Herd immunity in Ireland is almost impossible without a vaccine
COVID19: Precision of tracing apps in doubt following TCD study
The UN and COVID19: A chance to win back support for their human rights framework
Professor Luke O’Neill urges government to change policy on face masks
Study: Is working from home changing our voice?
Research finds Chinese students experiencing increased racism since pandemic
Lockdown: It‘s not about how we get out, it‘s about how we stay out
Reopening Ireland and the route to recovery
Coronavirus: How can jury trials resume amid social distancing rules?
Inside the Irish lab trying to combat COVID19
Contact tracing: Why app‘s success will be a numbers game
Professor Luke O‘Neill shows us how to make a face mask
Will a funding shortfall offer harsh lessons for universities
Luke O‘Neill talks trialling drugs for COVID19
Research and innovation: Rapid responses to COVID19 Ireland
COVID19: Kim Roberts on the science behind easing restrictions
ADAPT, OSi initiative opens access to COVID19 data
Link found between vitamin D deficiency and severity of COVID19
So who is immune to COVID19 and how can we tell?
Trinity engineers make face masks at home for frontline workers
Nuritas uses AI to identify coronavirus fighting peptides
Provost: Income from overseas students likely to be wiped out
COVID19: Learnovate offers expertise to support companies
The precarious journey of vaccine development and access
Scientists speak facts: Sometimes that‘s hard to hear
Meet the drones and robots working through COVID19
Study:Child immunity responses to COVID19
Wearing a mask: Study suggests droplets spread by speaking
Students unlikely to progress to third level before November
Coronavirus situation in nursing homes has been ‘chaotic‘