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Important Notice: Examination results for Science Students will be published on Thursday 2nd June 2022 by 4pm


What is the UniCoV study?

UniCoV is a pilot surveillance study to assist in the detection of increased levels of COVID-19 across higher education institutes with the aim of facilitating the safe and sustainable re-opening of campuses.
Trinity is one of four Irish universities participating in the UniCoV study project. For infromation on how to join click UniCoV





Why Science

Discoveries made by scientists have changed our world. We have a deep understanding of how the natural world works. We know that the physical world evolved from the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, how our planet evolved from stellar debris and how modern humans diverged from other hominins in the last 200,000 years.



Latest News

Orientation for Science Students 2020/21
TR060 Biological & Biomedical Sciences Orientation 2020/21
TR063 Physical Sciences Orientation 2020/21
TR061 Chemical Sciences Orientation 2020/21
TR062 Geography & Geosciences Orientation 2020/21
Junior Sophister TR060 Allocation of Places 2020/21
Junior Sophister TR061 Allocation of Places 2020/21
Junior Sophister TR062 Allocation of Places 2020/21
Junior Sophister TR063 Allocation of Places 2020/21
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Change to Foundation Scholarship Special Topic Reading List
Foundation Scholarship Examinations
Semester One Examinations
Foundation Scholarship 2019-2020

More News

Science Streams

Science at Trinity is offered through four different entry routes/streams leading to an honours degree following four years of study.  We have reimagined our science programme and offer students the opportunities to choose from four entry paths/streams: Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Geography and Geoscience; Physical Sciences.


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