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Security Resources for Staff & Students

Security and integrity of the entire infrastructure is vital to ensure continuing service of the computing facilities and services to students and staff. This extends right through from user systems such as desktop and laptop computers to the network and servers, printers and other hosts that provide the services.

Not only is computer security something everyone can master; it’s something that anyone who uses the Internet must master. Hackers, identity thieves, scammers, and online criminals and threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

That means you need to be equally adept at fending them off. Use the information provided to gain the skills you need to keep your technology secure and your information safe.

  • All users are advised to read through the IT Security Top tips and take action were applicable on their own computing devices.
  • All email users should familiarize themselves with the common types of fraudulent emails that we receive in our university inboxes.
  • There is an excellent short video on Phishing available, phishing is a type of email fraud which is a significant issue for all email users.
  • Laptop users should consider whether they should join the laptop encryption program. Encrypting your laptop provides protection for any confidential data stored on the laptop in the event of loss or theft.
  • We all have valuable personal information such as financial data and medical data which we want to keep private. Read through our top tips on safeguarding your personal data online and when using social media or on mobile devices.