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In its mission statement the Hamilton Mathematics Institute aspires to “… foster mathematics by creating an environment in which researcher can meet, collaborate, discuss and explain the frontiers of fundamental mathematics and related disciplines to each other.  It will also facilitate interaction between leading researchers and talented young people, organise public lectures to communicate the challenge and excitement of fundamental research and engage in dialogue both with other disciplines and society at large.”

The HMI research themes are currently aligned with the research interests in the School of Mathematics, which are summarised below.  The HMI will be expanding its research themes as its activities expand in the coming years.


Thematic Area

Theme leaders

Quantum Gauge Theories, String Theory, Integrability

S. Shatashvili, R. Britto, S. Frolov, J. Manschot, T. McLoughlin, A. Parnachev, D. Volin

Monte Carlo for quantum fields

S. Ryan, M. Peardon, S. Sint, M. Krstic Marinkovic


V. Dotsenko, S. Mozgovoy

Analysis and Geometry

S. Mozgovoy, R. Timoney, J. Stalker, D. Zaitsev, A. Nicoara

Number Theory and Automorphic Forms L. Rolen


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