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The Hamilton Mathematics Institute (HMI) at Trinity College Dublin was founded in 2005, marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of William Rowan Hamilton - Ireland's greatest mathematician. It aims to foster and support the economic, cultural and societal benefits of mathematics and fundamental science as drivers of progress in Ireland. The HMI builds on the international reputation for research excellence in the School of Mathematics and its commitment to education and scholarship.

The HMI's mission is to position Ireland as a centre of excellence for mathematical research. It will be a destination for the best and brightest mathematicians in the world who will visit, give research seminars and masterclasses, public lectures and school visits. The institute aims to seed an ecosystem that will enable mathematics to flourish in Ireland by supporting mathematics as a core skill for life and one which makes an important contribution to the knowledge economy.

Today, the HMI continues this tradition of research excellence and it enhances mathematics activities in TCD and in Ireland through visitor programmes, conferences, workshops and associated outreach activities. The HMI is now planning to build on this strong foundation and expand its activities to bring about a step-change in mathematical activity in Ireland, by giving mathematics a central role in Ireland's scientific community and increase the profile of Irish-based mathematicians internationally.