Sarah-Jane Scaife
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Drama
Theatre Scholar and Practitioner, School Office - Creative Arts

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Still getting above our stations: Slagging as national pastime and the cultural body in the comedy of Samuel Beckett and Marina Carr in, editor(s)Weitz, Eric , For the Sake of Sanity: Doing things with humour in Irish performance, Dublin, Carysfort Press, 2014, pp77 - 93, [Sarah Jane Scaife] Book Chapter, 2014

Sarah Jane Scaife, Review of Happy Days: Enniskillen International Beckett Festival, 22-26 August 2013, The Journal of Beckett Studies, 23, (2), 2014, p255 - 263 Journal Article, 2014

Sarah Jane Scaife, Dossier, The Journal of Beckett Studies, 23, (1), 2014, p73 - 94 Journal Article, 2014

Using the practice of theatre to create intercultural dialogues: my experience with practice based projects in China in, editor(s)Wang Zhanpeng , Sino-Irish Relations: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Beijing, World Affairs Press, 2011, pp166-184 , [Sarah-Jane Scaife] Book Chapter, 2011

Marina Carr Trans. Li Yuan Eds. Li Yuan and Sarah Jane Scaife, By the Bog of Cats, By Marina Carr: Playtext with essays., 1, Beijing, Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2010, 1 - 190pp Book, 2010

Playtext with essays on intercultural perspectives in a Mandarin translation by Li Yuan in, editor(s)Li Yuan and Sarah Jane Scaife , By the Bog of Cats, by Marina Carr, Beijing, Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2010, pp153-173 , [Sarah-Jane Scaife] Book Chapter, 2010

Performing Women in Tom Mac Intyre's Drama in, editor(s)Bernie Sweeney , The Theatre of Tom Mac Intyre: Strays from the Ether, Dublin, Ireland, Carysfort University Press, 2010, pp181-197 , [Sarah-Jane Scaife] Book Chapter, 2010



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