Shane Butler
Fellow Emeritus, Sch Office - Social Work & Social Policy

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


My research interests to date have primarily been in relation to social policy on alcohol and drug issues. As already indicated, my concern has been to study the Irish policy context, albeit from a comparative international perspective. One of my persistent aims has been to look critically at the research I policy interface, particularly to identify how and why scientific research findings are use selectively by policy makers in their management of issues which involve conflicting value positions and entrenched commercial interests. In relation to illicit drugs, my research on Irish policy has highlighted the difficulties for national policy makers in introducing evidence based strategies where such strategies appear to be . in conflict with American-dominated international conventions, as well as being in conflict with local conventional wisdom on the necessity for a 'war on drugs'. In relation to alcohol, my research has been largely focused on similar issues, mainly relating to state reluctance to act upon research-based recommendations which smacks of paternalism (the 'nanny state') and which also creates conflict with a globalised drinks industry. This research is largely desk-based (or at least library-based), with some use of qualitative interviewing of key stakeholders, and my main scarce resource is time.



Member of accreditation panel of the National Social Work Qualifications Board. 1997 - 2000

Member of National Working Group on Alcohol Consumption in Higher Education. 2001 - 2005

Member of South - East Inner City Area Implementation Team of RAPID (Rejuvenation of Areas through Planning, Investment and Development) . 2002 - 2005

Member of the Board of Management of Coolmine Therapeutic Community 2006-2009

Member of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs 2000-2002

Awards and Honours

Fellow of Trinity College Dublin 2012


Member of the Working Group on a National Alcohol Policy (appointed by Minister for Health) 1991 – 1992

Member of interim and later fully constituted National Advisory Committee on Drugs (appointed by Minister of State with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy) - resigned from this body on being appointed Community Liaison Officer for College 1999 – 2002

Member of National Group on Alcohol Consumption in Higher Education (nominated by Senior Lecturer as College representative on this national committee). 2001 – Present