Philip Curry
Assistant Professor, Sch Office - Social Work & Social Policy

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Burns, A, Höfer, S., Curry, P., Sexton, E. and Doyle, F. , Revisiting the dimensionality of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in an international sample of patients with ischaemic heart disease, Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 77, (2), 2014, p116 - 121 Journal Article, 2014

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Mary C Conry, Karen Morgan, Philip Curry, Hannah McGee, Janas Harrington, Mark Ward and Emer Shelley, The clustering of health behaviours in Ireland and their relationship with mental health, self-rated health and quality of life, BMC Public Health, 11, (692), 2011 Journal Article, 2011 URL TARA - Full Text DOI

Curry, P., Gilligan, R., Garratt, L., Scholtz, J., Where to From Here? Inter-ethnic Relations among Children in Ireland, Dublin, Liffey Press, 2011, xv + 208- Book, 2011 URL

Robbie Gilligan, Philip Curry, Judy McGrath, Derek Murphy, Muireann Ní Raghallaigh' Margaret Rogers, Jennifer Jean Scholtz, Aoife Gilligan Quinn, In the Front Line of Integration: Young people managing migration to Ireland, Dublin, Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, February, 2010, 1-81 Report, 2010 TARA - Full Text URL

Walsh, T., Foreman, M., Curry, P., O'Driscoll, S. & McCormack, M., Bereavement Support in an Acute Hospital: an Irish Model, Death Studies, 32, (8), 2008, p768 - 786 Journal Article, 2008

Curry, Philip and Glacken Marita , The male heart and the female mind: a study in the gendering of antidepressants and cardiovascular drugs, Social Science & Medicine, 62, (8,), 2006, p1970 - 1977 Journal Article, 2006

" ... she never let them in". Popular reaction to refugees arriving in Dublin in, editor(s)M. O'Connell and M. MacLachlan , Cultivating Pluralism, Dublin, Oak Tree Press, 2000, [Curry, P.] Book Chapter, 2000

Curry, P. and O'Connell, M., Post-materialist values and political preferences: Some unlikely findings from Northern Ireland, European Journal of Political Research, 37, (1), 2000, p1 - 12 Journal Article, 2000

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Curry, P., Gilligan, R., Garrett, L. and Scholtz, J. , Where to from here? Children and the future of Integration in Ireland, 1st, Dublin , The Liffey Press, 2011 Book, 2011 URL

Curry, P. and Sherry, R. , Developing students' transferable skills in the language classroom: A report on the pilot program of the Transferable Skills in Third Level Modern Languages Curricula project. , Dublin, Trinity College Dublin: Careers Advisory Service., 2004 Report, 2004 URL

Curry, P. and Sherry, R. , The hidden value of higher education learning: transferable skills and their importance for graduates of modern language programmes , Dublin, Trinity College Dublin: Careers Advisory Service, 2004 Report, 2004 URL

Research Expertise


Migration and children; migration and the family; intergroup relations; prejudice; psychometrics; quantitative research.




Awards and Honours

Non-foundation scholarship from Trinity College 1994