Elaine O'Mullane
Clinical Lecturer, School Office - Medicine


Elaine is a member of the Discipline of Paediatrics whose role involves working in many different areas. She works with Professor Edna Roche as a clinical trial coordinator and research assistant on several paediatric research projects. Also she is a clinical lecturer for the undergraduate medical students and a facilitator on the 4th Year medical student Professionalism and Scientific Module for undergraduate medical students.

Her other area of interest is in the subject of listening. This includes regular acts of listening, research in several aspects of listening and education on the subject of listening. Currently Elaine is a member of the International Listening Association (ILA) and chair of the associations Healthcare Committee. She has been instrumental in securing Trinity College Dublin as the location for the 39th Annual International Listening Association Convention in June 2018.

Elaine is also an ambassador for the Narrative Healthcare Network (http://narrativehealthcarenetwork.com). The Narrative Healthcare Network is a platform that explores and cultivates the application of narrative practices within healthcare. A narrative practice within healthcare promotes a critical and skilled attention to people's narratives in the healthcare setting and encourages creativity and reflection. The aim of the network is to investigate and connect the fields of the humanities and science and to reinforce the application of narrative competencies in the way healthcare is delivered and how to support healing.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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