Kieran Rankin
Research Fellow, Library
Research Fellow, Trinity Long Room Hub

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

K.J. Rankin, Towards a Retrospective Political Geography of Border Studies: Partition and Division in Ireland, Political Geography, 51, 2016, p100 - 103 Review Article, 2016 DOI

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K.J. Rankin, . 'Deducing rationales and political tactics in the partitioning of Ireland, 1912-1925', Political Geography , Volume 27, (Issue 8), 2007, p909 - 933 Journal Article, 2007

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

'Sinn Féinism' and Nationalist Politics in County Monaghan, 1914-1918 in, editor(s)Patrick J. Duffy and Éamonn Ó Ciardha , Monaghan: History and Society - Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County, Dublin, Geography Publications, 2017, pp659 - 685, [Gerard Toal and K.J. Rankin] Book Chapter, 2017

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