Sylvie Kleinman
Visiting Research Fellow, History

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sylvie Kleinman, 'From logistics to liberation: Theobald Wolfe Tone, Irish revolutionary and translator in exile (1796), Translation and Revolution La Questione Romantica, 9, (1-2), 2018, p49 - 63 Journal Article, 2018

Matty and the Daffs: The family life of Theobald Wolfe Tone in exile in, editor(s)Mary Hatfield, Jutta Kruse & Ríona Nic Congáil , Historical perspectives on parenthood and childhood in Ireland , Dublin, Arlen House, 2018, pp23 - 43, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2018

Sylvie Kleinman, 'Practice before policy : Translation and translators in French military strategy on Ireland 1792-1804', Parallèles, 29, (1), 2017, pDOI 10.17462/para.2017.01.02 Journal Article, 2017 URL URL

Sylvie Kleinman, 'Where Crown met Town The Presence of Lay Catholics, and the Uncrowned Monarch of Ireland in the Chamber, c. 1795-1845', in Myles Campbell & William Derham, eds., Making Majesty The Throne Room at Dublin Castle a Cultural History (Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 2017), 160-199. in, editor(s)Myles Campbell & William Derham , Making Majesty The Throne Room at Dublin Castle a Cultural History , Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Irish Academic Press, 2017, pp160 - 199, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2017

Sylvie Kleinman, Revolutionary Commemoration and the Mythologisation of History, Studies 1916 Birth Pangs of a Nation? Studies , 105, (417), 2016, p31 - 41 Journal Article, 2016

La Paix au château? L'Occupation française de l'Irlande en 1798 : communication, traduction, perceptions de l'autre' in, editor(s)Jean-François Chanet, Annie Crépin & Christian Windler. , Le Temps des hommes doubles. Les arrangements face à l'occupation, de la Révolution à la Guerre de 1870 , Rennes (France), Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2013, pp213 - 230, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2013

Amidst clamour and confusion': Civilian and Military Linguists at War in the Franco-Irish Campaigns Against Britain (1792-1804) in, editor(s)Hilary Footitt & Michael Kelly , Languages and the Military Alliances, Occupation and Peace Building , Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan Languages at War, 2012, pp25 - 46, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2012

Libérer ou exploiter ? L'Irlande dans la stratégie diplomatique et militaire de la France, 1792-1804' in, editor(s)Frédéric Dessberg & Éric Schnakenbourg , Les Horizons de la politique extérieure française Périphéries et espaces seconds XVIe - XXe siècles , Berne, Peter Lang, 2011, pp283 - 296, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2011

Un brave de plus: Theobald Wolfe Tone, alias Adjudant-general James Smith, French officer and Irish patriot adventurer, 1796-8' in, editor(s)Natalie Genêt-Rouffiac & David Murphy , Franco-Irish Military Connections 1590-1945, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2009, pp163 - 188, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2009

Sylvie Kleinman, Ambassador incognito and Accidental Tourist: Cultural Perspectives on Theobald Wolfe Tone's Mission to France, 1796-8', Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies , 2, (1), 2008, p101 - 122 Journal Article, 2008 URL

Sylvie Kleinman, Un brave de plus': la carrière militaire de Theobald Wolfe Tone, héros du nationalisme irlandais et officier francais, 1796-1798, Revue Historique des Armées France-Irlande, 253, 2008, p55 - 65 Journal Article, 2008 URL

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

'Paris, 1796: Birthplace of the first Irish Republic? Tone's mission to France and Irish Sovereignty' in, editor(s)Pierre Joannon Kevin Whelan , Paris, Capital of Irish Culture France, Ireland and the Republic 1798-1916, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2017, pp77 - 90, [Sylvie Kleinman] Book Chapter, 2017