Na Fu
Associate Professor, Business & Administrative Studies


Dr. Na Fu is an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management at Trinity Business School. She achieved her PhD from Dublin City University.

Na's primary research interest is focused on strategic human resource management issues relevant to organisational growth and development. She has led a number of research projects in both the private and public sectors. Within the private sector, she is interested in the strategic HRM of the professional service firm (PSF). PSFs such as accounting, consulting and law firms, are regarded as knowledge-intensive firms in which knowledge creation, exchange and combination is critical to innovation. Within the public sector, Na has conducted projects with large public sector organisations investigating how employees' experience of organisational HRM practices influences their attitudes and behaviours. Her secondary research interest is focused on the Statistical Modelling Techniques that can be used to mine large datasets (e.g. Structural Equation Modelling-SEM, Multi-level Modelling, Moderation SEM, Moderated Mediation etc.). In this regard, she has been invited to work with people on a broad range of management topics.

Na's research has been published in leading journals, including Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal, and Human Relations among others. Her research has been recognised national and internationally via winning multiple prestigious awards from the Academy of Management (largest professional association for management and organisation scholars), Emerald, the Labor and Employment Relations Association, Irish Research Council, International Human Resource Development Conference and Irish Academy of Management. Currently, Na is on the editorial board of Human Resource Management Journal, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Journal of Organisational Effectiveness: People and Performance (JOE). She holds visiting positions at Said Business School, Oxford University and Copenhagen Business School.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Human Resource Management; Innovation; International business; Leadership; Organisation design, development, theory, behaviour


Awards and Honours

Carolyn Dexter Award Nominee for Best International Paper at the Academy of Management Conference 2015

Finalist for the Alan Moon Memorial Prize at the International Human Resource Development Conference 2014

Research Proposal Runner Award from Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research 2014

Winner of the Thomson South-Western Outstanding Research-Based Paper on Management Consulting at the Academy of Management Conference 2014

Best Paper Nominee at the International Conference of the HR Division 2014

Leadership Award - Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders 2014

Best Paper Award in the Innovation, Enterprise and Small Business Management track at the Irish Academy of Management Conference 2013

Best Paper Award in the Leadership and Organisational Behaviour track at the Irish Academy of Management Conference 2013

Post-doctoral Fellowship Award (2 years) from the Irish Research Council 2012

Winner of the Honorable Mention Award in the Labor and Employment Relations Association's 2012 Thomas A. Kochan and Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Awards Competition 2012

William H. Newman Award (Sole authored paper award) Nominee at the Academy of Management Conference 2012

Research Proposal Runner Award from Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research 2011

Winner of the Highly Commended Award from the Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Fund 2011

Winner of the Bentley College & HEC School of Management Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award at the Academy of Management Conference 2010


Academy of Management

Irish Academy of Management