Ciaran Cosgrove
Fellow Emeritus, Fellows Emeritii

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ciaran Cosgrove, Gnomo: Mythological Encounters, 2nd, Guadalajara, Mexico, Ediciones Rayuela, 2013, 5 - 317pp Book, 2013

Ciaran Cosgrove (co-editor), Festschrift for Prof. Alvaro Gonzalez: Essays on Contemporary Mexican Literature, Guadalajara, Mexico, University of Guadalajara Press, 2013, v - 183pp Book, 2013

Festschrift for Prof. Alvaro Gonzalez, Ciaran Cosgrove and Manuel Gutiérrez, Guadalajara, Mexico:, 2013, xii - 154 Critical Edition (Book), 2013

Catoptrics, Kaleidoscopes and 'Is there ever a beginning or an end?' in, editor(s)Bertoni, Roberto , Quaderni di cultura italiana 6, Torino, Trauben edizioni 2012, 2012, pp21 - 31, [COSGROVE, Ciaran] Book Chapter, 2012

Cosgrove, Ciaran, Review of Reframing Latin America : A Cultural Theory Reading of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, by Erik Ching, Christina Buckley, Angélica Lozano-Alonso , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 86, (6), 2009 Review, 2009

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Contemporary Peruvian Narrataive and Popular Culture in JAime Bayly, Iván Thays and Jorge Eduardo Benavides, by Robert Ruiz , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXV, 2008, ppp.542-543 Review, 2008

COSGROVE, Ciaran with KENT, Daniel, Gnomo: Mythological Encounters, Mexico, Ediciones Rayuela, 2007, 5 - 317pp Book, 2007

Luvina (Irish issue of Mexican Literary Review), 22, (2005), COSGROVE, Ciaran, [editor] Journal, 2005

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COSGROVE, Ciaran, Review of La ciudad en la obra de Julio Ramón Ribeyro, by Eva María Valero Juan , Bulletin of Spanish Studies, LXXXI, (1), 2004 Review, 2004

COSGROVE, Ciaran (ed.), Otra flor amarilla: Homenaje a Julio Cortázar, Mexico, Fondo de cultura económica, 2004, 5 - 142pp Book, 2004

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Review of A Companion to Modern Spanish-American Fiction, by Donald Shaw , Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 80, (1), 2003 Review, 2003

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Review of Homenaje a María Zambrano, by James Valender et al. (ed.) , Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 79, (1), 2002 Review, 2002

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COSGROVE, Ciaran, Review of Understanding Octavio Paz, by José Quiroga , Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, LXXVIII, (3), 2001 Review, 2001

COSGROVE, Ciaran co-edited with WHISTON, James and ADAMS, Kenneth, Festschrift: Spanish Theatre: Studies in Honour of Victor F. Dixon, London, Boydell and Brewer (Tamesis Books), 2001 Book, 2001

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Review of Octavio Paz: crítico practicante en busca de una poética, by J. Agustín Pastén B., , Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, LXXVIII, 2001 Review, 2001

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Lenguaje y traducción, Armario: La cultura en occidente, XIX, (32), 1998 Journal Article, 1998

Literary Ways in, editor(s)Kraven, Judy , Teaching Literature, Cork, University of Cork Press, 1997, [COSGROVE, Ciaran] Book Chapter, 1997

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COSGROVE, Ciaran, García Márquez's Crónica de una muerte anunciada and How Holub Can Help, Antípodas, XII, 1992 Journal Article, 1992

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Abstract Gestures and Elemental Pressures in Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo, Modern Language Review, 86, (1), 1991 Journal Article, 1991

COSGROVE, Ciaran, The Literary Representation of Violence in Northern Ireland, Graph, (7), 1989 Journal Article, 1989

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COSGROVE, Ciaran, Juan Carlos Onetti's El Pozo: An Activity of Hesitation, Latin American Literary Review, XVII, (33), 1989 Journal Article, 1989

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COSGROVE, Ciaran, Lassoed Suns, Dublin, Montezuma Publications, 1988 Book, 1988

Foreign Language Teaching: For Whom or What Doth the Bell Toll? in, Studies, Dublin, 1987, [COSGROVE, Ciaran] Book Chapter, 1987

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Reality, Ideality and a Critical Approach in, editor(s)Paul Russell-Gebbett and Nicholas Round , Queen's University Spanish Papers, Belfast, 1978, [COSGROVE, Ciaran] Book Chapter,

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Radical Propensities and Juxtapositions: Defamiliarization and Difficulty in Borges and Beckett Case Study,

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Recording the Last Great Cause, Review of We Saw Spain Die: Foreign Correspondents in the Spanish Civil War, by Paul Preston , The Irish Times, 2008 Review, 2008

COSGROVE, Ciaran, The Assassination of Human Rights, Review of The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed Bishop Gerardi?, by Francisco Goldman , The Irish Times, 2008 Review, 2008

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Spain: The Tack and the Glory', Review of Ghosts of Spain, by Giles Tremlett , Irish Times, 2007 Review, 2007

COSGROVE, Ciaran, Picking the Bones of Civil Strife, Review of The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, by Antony Beevor , Iirsh Times, 2006 Review, 2006

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Caught in the Oxford Headlights', Review of Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream, by Javier Márías , Irish Times, 2006 Review, 2006

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Ruptured Rhyme', Review of Trilce, by César Vallejo (edited and translated by Michael Smith and Valentino Gianuzzi , Irish Times, 2006 Review, 2006

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Incisive Insights into the New Spain, Review of The Politics of Contemporary Spain, by Sebastian Balfour , Irish Times, 2005 Review, 2005

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Monarch with a Mission', Review of Juan Carlos: A People's King, by Paul Preston , Irish Times, 2004 Review, 2004

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Beware the "New Order" in Education, 2004, - Miscellaneous, 2004

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'A Bloody Matter', Review of Rivers of Gold: The Rise of theSpanish Empire, by Hugh Thomas , Irish Times, 2003 Review, 2003

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'University Challenge' Review of 'Beyond the Ivory Tower' by James Heffron, Irish Times, 2002 Review, 2002

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 'Choosing to Bear Witness to Hard Times, Review of True Crimes: Rodolfo Walsh - The Life and Times of a Radical Intellectual, by Michael McCaughan , Irish Times, 2002 Review, 2002

COSGROVE, Ciaran, "Poem', 1991, - Miscellaneous, 1991

Versodove: Rivista di Letteratura , 6/7, Bertoni, Roberto, [eds.] Journal,

COSGROVE, Ciaran, 64 Poems in The Irish Times (Weekend Review), The Belfast Review, Trashumancia, Poetry Ireland Review, Icarus., - Miscellaneous,

Research Expertise


Literary theory, modernist and postmodernist fiction; Modern Spanish American novels; Spanish intellectual life; Translation theory and practice



External Examiner, PhD (Spanish), Liverpool, U.K. 2006

External Examiner, PhD (Spanish), University of Limerick 2005

External Examiner PhD (Spanish) Queen's University, Belfast 1994

External Examiner, PhD (Spanish), University of León, Spain 2007

External Examiner at University of Liverpool 2002-2005

External Examiner at University of Stirling 2002-2005

External Examiner at University of Limerick 1991-1992

External Assessor for Departmental Review of Department of Hispanic Studies UCC 2002

External Assessor for Departmental Review of Department of Spanish, UCG 2005

Member of Poetry Ireland Council 1987-1989

Consultant for Department of Education Syllabus Review on New Poetry in Schools programme 1989

Jury member for the Juan Rulfo Literary prize, Latin America's most prestigious literary prize 1995

Served on Careers and Appointments Board 1984-1987

Established College agreements for university cooperation with Universities of Córdoba, Argentina and the Colegio de México, Mexico City (Latin America's most prestigious Humanities' research Institution)

Served on Faculty of Arts (Letters) Sub-committee on language 1990

Established in conjunction with Mexican Embassy College's agreement to host an annual visit of a Mexican academic. 2003

Guest speaker at Latin American Short Story conference at University of Guadalajara July 2005

Lecture: 'Supplementing Schiller: the Naive, the 'Sentimental', the 'Linguistically Unhoused': the cases of Homer, Mann and Borges' at the Hispanists' Research Seminar, University of Cambridge, U.K. April 1998

Lecture: 'The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation' at the Department of Hispanic Studies, UCC. March 1998

Delivered talk on the Cuban artist José Bedia at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin March 1997

Lecture: 'Aspects of Literary Translation: the Special Case of Borges' at the Department of Applied Languages, Dublin City University February 1997

Delivered paper on Augusto Monterroso, winner of the 1996 Juan Rulfo prize at the Feria del Libro, Guadalajara, Mexico November 1996

Delivered six illustrated talks on contemporary Latin American cinema at the Irish Film Centre, Dublin February/March 1996

Public interview with film director Michel Franco at 2013 Dublin Film Festival 25 February 2013

Lecture on the work of Brazilian novelist, Nélida Piñon, winner of the 1995 Juan Rulfo Literary prize, Guadalajara, Mexico. My own contribution appeared in whole or in part in 'El Nacional' (LXVII, tomo III, no.23883); sec. Cultura, p.35, Mexico 12 August 1995; 'La jornada', no 3915; 'El Occidental' (LII, no. 19180; 'El País' (año XX, no.6661) edición México p.5, 1 August 1995) November 1995

Delivered paper: 'El libro por venir' at the Casa de la palabra y la imagen, Guadalajara, Mexico. 14 July 1995

Guest lecture: 'Vinculaciones entre la tradición cuentística de Latinoamérica e Irlanda' at the three campuses of the University of Chiapas, Mexico: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Comitán and San Cristóbal de las Casas June 1995

Delivered a talk: 'México en la obra de Italo Calvino' at La Casa d'Italia A.C., Guadalajara, Mexico April 1995

Two lectures ('conferencias magistrales') delivered at El Colegio de México, Mexico City: 'El pensamiento oriental en Rayuela' and 'El lenguaje prepotente en la obra de Juan Rulfo'. March 1995

Invited speaker at NUI Graduates Convocation Public Meeting held at Royal College Surgeons of Ireland: 'Future of the University: Intellectual Enlightenment or Training for Jobs' 26 September 2002

Public Interview with film director Edgardo Cozarinsky at the Irish Film Institue, Dublin 26 August 2006

Introduced Antonio Gamoneda, premio Cervantes 2006 winner,and read paper on his work, at the inauguration of the Instituto Cervantes premises in Dublin. 14 February 2007

Member of External Advisory Board of 'Hiperfeira', California State University, Northridge. 2003 to present

Roundtable of Spanish-speaking writers on reception of James Joyce in the Spanish-speaking world held at the Instituto Cervantes, Dublin 13 June 2008

Awards and Honours

Fellow of Trinity College Dublin 2009

First Irish recipient of the Mexican Government "Ohtli" award. It is the highest award presented to a civilian outside Mexico for "services rendered to the dissemination of Mexican culture abroad". This is only the third time it has been awarded to a European. 2012

Diploma al Merito of La Casa D'Italia A.C., Guadalajara, Mexico 1995

Mexican Government 'Apoyo del programa de capacitación de académicos de alto nivel a través del Fondo para la Modernización de la Educación Superior (FOMES), en el nivel IV. 1994

Spanish Government Research Scholarship 1994

Mexican Government Scholarship (CONAYCT) 1975

Dr Henry Hutchinson Stuart Scholarship 1972

Foundation Studentship 1972

Xavier Giralt Book Prize 1972

The French Government Book Prize for A-level performance in French 1968

Appointed member of jury for Juan Rulfo International Literary Prize, Latin America's most prestigious literary prize. November 1995