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Conference update


The Loyola Institute recently hosted a major international conference entitled; The Role of Church in a Pluralist Society: Good Riddance or Good Influence? The Conference was addressed by 15 main speakers, all world leaders in their field. In addition more than 40 experts from across the world delivered parallel papers.

To watch the RTÉ News Now report on the conference, and read more about it click here.



The Loyola Institute offers a BA in theology in the broad Catholic tradition. The student of theology engages with the biggest questions that human life presents – God, justice, love, suffering, values, war and peace.

Here at Loyola in Trinity a student can take theology as a single honours degree. Another option is theology in combination with Philosophy, or with Italian, or with Irish, or with History.

In the course of theological studies the student acquires the critical skills of thinking, of writing, of communicating, of reflection and analysis – all crucial skills in today’s job market.

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