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Irish Language Awards

At the end of the academic year 2014/15, for the first time, Trinity College Dublin presented Irish Language Awards (Gradaim na Gaeilge). The Irish Language Awards programme was founded to recognise the great work that is done for Irish in the University. On this page you will find all the main information about the awards.

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The Awards

Awards may be given in 5 areas, where exceptional achievement has been made by a nominee in that area:

  • Individual student
  • Student society (except An Cumann Gaelach)
  • Individual staff member (except the Irish Language Officer)
  • Service
  • Graduate

As well as the honour itself, the award comprises a trophy and the name of the winner being permanently displayed in Seomra na Gaeilge.


The Criteria

A subcommittee of Coiste na Gaeilge (the Irish language committee) assesses all nominees according to the following criteria:

  1. The nominee's hard work and commitment to Irish (40%)
  2. Palpable effect of their actions on the Irish language in College (40%)
  3. Advantages for the whole college / wider community as a result of their actions (20%)

Awards can be given for achievement of any kind in the Irish language field. These are just a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Raising the profile of the language
  • Widening the language community
  • Creating links between people / groups
  • Provision of services at a high standard
  • Academic activities
  • Language-learning
  • Daily commitment to the language
  • Creative ideas

*Alumni will be assessed on criteria 2 and 3 together, so that their actions need not directly relate to the Irish language in Trinity College.


Selection Committee

The membership of the Irish Language Awards subcommittee is as follows:

  • John Coman, Secretary to the College
  • Dr Pádraig de Paor, Lecturer in the Department of Irish
  • Aoife Crawford, Irish Language Officer
  • Trish O'Beirne, Students' Union Irish Language Officer
  • Fionn Ó Deá, Auditor of An Cumann Gaelach

In the case that a member of the subcommittee is nominated for an Award, they do not give any marks in the relevant section, and they are not present for the part of the selection meeting.

Members of the subcommitte may make a nomination, but again, they do not give any marks in the relevant section.



The 2015/16 nomination process will open in Spring 2016.

Everyone in the College community, including staff, students and alumni, is welcome to make a nomination for an Irish Language Award.

To make a nomination, you just fill in a short form (in Irish or English as you prefer) in which you describe the achievement(s) of the nominee. The form should be returned to on or before the deadline.

English Form

Foirm Ghaeilge


A few tips...

  • You are welcome to nominate yourself or your own service / society
  • You are also welcome to nominate someone else
  • You can make more than one nomination
  • The subcommittee may contact you to get further information about the nominee
  • Give specific details and evidence on the form as often as you can
  • You or your nominee will be welcome to seek feedback, but the decision of the subcommittee cannot be appealed



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