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This is a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions.

Access Control

1. What are the gate opening hours?

Please see

2. How can I get a Perimeter Gate Key?

Perimeter gates keys are available to staff members who hold one of the following:

      Permanent contract
      Contract of indefinite duration
      At least one year remaining on their existing contract from date of application.

€26 deposit is payable by T-Card only in person at the E&F Service Centre.

Prior to coming to the E&F Service Centre T-Card must be activated and sufficient credit should be on the T-Card to pay for the service. To activate the T-Card facility on an existing valid staff ID card you must visit a Tap & Go station. These stations are located in the Buttery restaurant, Arts Building Upper Concourse, Human Resources Service Desk and the Academic Registry Service Desk. For further details and frequently asked questions relating to the use of a TCard please visit the TCard website at

Refunds for deposits paid by a staff member with a current contract will be credited to their T-Card

Refunds for deposits paid by a staff member with an expiring contract will be via a Staff Requisition Form and payment will be made to the staff member’s bank account. Staff requisition forms will be available at the Estates and Facilities Service Centre.

Requests for Departmental Perimeter Gate Keys should be directed to as these will now be processed through iProcurement. The Service Centre will provide guidance on raising such orders.

With effect from 19th February, 2018 no cash will be accepted by Estates and Facilities for Perimeter Gate Key deposits.


1. Is parking available on Campus?

Parking is only available to permit holders.

2. Who is entitled to apply for a parking permit?

  • All permanent members of staff
  • Staff with full-time contracts of indefinite duration.
  • Staff on full-time contracts of a shorter duration where the expiry date is not imminent. In this instance a letter may be required from your Head of School stating that your contract may be renewed.
  • If your contract status does not fall into one of the categories mentioned above please contact Estates and Facilities for further clarification.
  • 3. How do I apply for a parking permit?

    An application form must be completed and returned to Estates and Facilities along with a copy of your driving licence, insurance certificate and vehicle registration certificate. If you have not yet received the VRC, proof of ownership from the garage will suffice. You will find an application form at the following link:

    4. What if the car is not registered in my name?

    There is an additional form which must be completed by the registered owner and returned to us along with your parking application. You will find this form on the following link:

    5. Will I be issued with a parking permit immediately?

    The issuing of parking permits is subject to availability within the Board approved ratio of 1 permit to 0.24 spaces. As we have reached our quota, applicants will be put on a waiting list and informed when a permit is available. Please be aware that due to the current parking situation in College, applicants will be waiting a significant time before being issued with a parking permit.

    6. I’ve changed my car how do I update my parking permit?

    In order to update your parking permit you must return your current parking permit to Estates and Facilities along with the vehicle registration certificate of the new car. If you have not yet received this, proof of ownership from the garage will suffice.

    7. I have lost my permit how do I get a replacement?

    If you cannot locate your parking permit you must report this immediately to both Security and Estates and Facilities. A fee is applicable prior to the re-issuing of a new permit.

    8. Is parking available to students?

    Parking for students is made available strictly on medical grounds only. Please contact the Director of Estates & Facilities at ext: 4000 for further details.

    9. I have a child in the Day Nursery. How do I get access to Campus?

    Students and Staff who have a child in the day nursery may be issued with a permit which will allow them to drop off and pick up their child from the Day Nursery. Prolonged parking in a space, over and above the intended purpose, is not permitted and may result in the loss of your permit.

    10. Are there alternative arrangements in place for staff/students who are non permit holders?

    On production of a valid Staff or Student ID Card to the car parking attendant at the Park Rite IFSC or Fleet Street/Temple Bar car parks, discounted parking will apply. Please refer to the following link for the discounted rates:

    11 Can I lend my parking permit to someone else?

    No. Parking permits can only be used by the staff member they are issued to. Misuse of parking permits may result in the loss of your parking privileges.

    12. I’ve received a parking infringement can I appeal this?

    Yes. Appeals must be made in writing and registered in Estates and Facilities within two weeks of being issued with the infringement notice. This appeal will then be considered by the Appeals Committee when they convene.

    13. What are the penalties for parking infringements?

    Infringements are as follows:

    • 1st Infringement – warning
    • 2nd Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for one month.
    • 3rd Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for three months.
    • 4th Infringement – permit will be withdrawn for twelve months.

    14. How long will an Infringement remain on my record?

    An infringement will remain on record for a period of twelve months.

    15. Where can I park on Campus?

    Parking is permitted between the lines of the marked car parking spaces only. Parking outside these lines is strictly prohibited. Only persons with a disabled parking permit are permitted to park in disabled driver’s parking spaces.

    16. Where are the disabled parking spaces located?

    There are 9 disabled parking spaces on Campus and are located in the following areas:

    • 2 spaces at the Printing House
    • 1 space adjacent to the Berkeley Podium
    • 1 space at the Rugby Pitch car park
    • 1 space at the bottom of the Parsons Steps
    • 2 space at the Fitzgerald Building
    • 2 spaces at the Biotechnology Building FAQ List

    17. Can I park overnight on Campus?

    Prolonged parking is not permitted without authorisation being sought from the Security Services Manager.

    18. Can visitors park on Campus?

    There is no parking on Campus for visitors.

    A VIP System is currently in place, which allows departments to absorb the cost of visitor parking should they wish. Please refer to the following link on how to obtain a VIP stamp.

    All visitors to the College not operating under the departmental VIP stamp arrangement should be advised that there is no visitor car parking available. They should be directed to one of the public car parks in the vicinity.

    There are three car parks that are in very close proximity to Trinity:

    • Fleet Street (just off Westmoreland Street)
    • Setanta (just off Nassau Street)
    • Brown Thomas

    19. Can I drop off and pick up goods from Campus?

    Only if transport is required for the goods you are dropping off or picking up. You must enter College via Lincoln Place Gate where you will be issued with a ‘Pink Ticket’ by the security officer on duty. You will be allowed on to Campus only for the duration of the task. Prolonged parking, over and above the intended purpose, may result in your car being clamped.

    20. Who is liable to be clamped?

    Marked parking spaces are strictly reserved for Trinity College permit holders only. Vehicles without permits, service vehicles, delivery vehicles and visitors’ parked in marked spaces are liable to be clamped.

    21. What must I do if my car gets clamped?

    A notice will be left on your windscreen advising you to call a de-clamp number. A charge of €90 will apply to have the clamp removed from your vehicle. Please note that clamping will be carried out by an independent company contracted to the College.

    22. Do I need a permit for my motorcycle/scooter?

    You do not need a parking permit to park your scooter in College.

    Motorbikes/Scooters are not permitted to park in Front Square. There is parking marked out at the rear of the Chemistry Building. Bicycle compounds at the rear of House 15-18 and at Westland Row are suitable for small types of motorcycles.

    Safety & Safety Risk Management

    1. Where can I see the safety statement for my work area?

    Ask your supervisor for a copy of your safety statement or talk to your local safety officer (if you don’t know who this is ask your supervisor)

    2. How much space am I entitled to at my workstation?

    Regulations state that employees should have ‘adequate’ space to perform their work. Adequate is not defined and what is adequate depends on the nature of the work and other factors. In an office each employee should have a minimum of 4.65 sq.m of floor space excluding the space taken up by cabinets, shelving and the like.

    3. What is the minimum legal temperature in the workplace?

    Regulations state that the temperature of the workplace should be appropriate for humans and for sedentary work should be a minimum of 17.5oC one hour after work starts. In most circumstances room temperature should be about 20/22oC.

    4. Do I have to attend safety training?

    If, by risk assessment, the employer determines that particular safety training is required then the employee must, by law and by College policy, attend and participate.

    5. If I am pregnant are there special health and safety precautions I must take?

    Firstly you must inform your supervisor that you are pregnant. The supervisor must then carry of a specific assessment to see if there are any restrictions on the work you can do or any particular precautions you must take.

    6. What should I do if a colleague is injured?

    Make sure the scene is safe and get assistance from your local first aider, bring the injured person to the University Health Service if possible or call the University Emergency Number 01 896 1999.

    For any other queries, please contact the Service Centre on or extension 4000.