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Information for Teaching & Professional Staff

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This ‘Information for Teaching and Professional Staff’ section is intended as a resource to help staff to understand their role and responsibilities towards students with disabilities. Willingness among staff to accommodate and support students by following inclusive practices makes a significant difference to their experience of higher education.

The Information for Teaching and Professional Staff section includes:

Further Useful Information:

  • By clicking on this link here you can read the DS Annual Report which contains student statistics, the breakdown of disability types in Trinity, and further information about DS activities.
  • Click on this link to read Trinity College Equality Policy which outlines Trinity College Dublin’s commitment to promoting equality in all aspects of Trinity’s activity: employment, education, and support provision.
  • Click on this link to read "Everything you wanted to know about Reasonable Accommodations and supporting students with disabilities but nobody bothered to tell you" which contains detailed information on the Trinity’s legal responsibilities in regards to Reasonable Accommodations.
  • The Code of Practice- College Calendar Part I General Regulations contains information on the Trinity’s policy of equal opportunity in education.
  • Trinity Inclusive Curriculum Guidelines outlines clear and concise guidelines on how to enhance the inclusivity of your teaching practices.

Role of the Disability Service:

The Disability Service aims to develop clear and effective support systems at all stages in the student journey, from university entrance, to graduation, to employment.
Students with a disability are encouraged to register with the Trinity Disability Service in Trinity College to seek supports where the disability could affect their ability to participate fully in all aspects of their life in Trinity.

The process is as follows:

Additional Supports offered:

  • If required, the Disability Service can also act as an advocate for the student.
  • Students with disabilities can also avail of Occupational Therapy support, which provides confidential, practical support for students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties and/or physical and sensory difficulties.