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Catholic theological studies

B.A.; 4 years full-time; 15 places; 310

What is Catholic Theological Studies ?

Catholic Theological Studies is a way of doing theology. Theology engages you with the great questions of human life: Is death the end? What is justice? What is truth? What can we make of evil and suffering in the world? What is the significance of prayer? Is there a God? Why is there war and violence? Why is there an ecological crisis? Can I make a difference? How can I best participate in interreligious dialogue?

These questions and debates have profoundly shaped European society and this degree will enable you to actively participate in addressing these questions and shaping the culture of tomorrow. You will learn the core skills of the theologian – as philosopher, historian and textual and cultural critic. You will read the history of the Christian tradition and study the work of the major thinkers. You will be inspired by their passion and insight. You will study the foundational texts, analysing and critiquing their relevance for dialogue today and you will apply all that has been learned in this tradition to contemporary ethical, political, scientific and artistic concerns.

Is this the right course for you?

If you are interested in some of the most profound questions concerning the Universe, God, humanity and today’s world, this is the course for you. We are looking for students with passion, who are willing to engage seriously and with integrity with the important questions of our time.

Our students learn to think rigorously and independently, and they gain skills necessary to become researchers in their own right.

If you want to develop a capacity for clear thinking and logical, informed argument about important and complex issues this may be the course for you.

The Loyola Institute of Trinity offers a first-rank education in theology which is authentic, international in approach, and which draws on deep roots and diverse backgrounds.

Why study Catholic Theological Studies at Trinity?

At the Loyola Institute at Trinity you will find a lively and welcoming community. Our small classes offer ample opportunity for questions, lively discussion and acquiring the skills of debate and discussion.

The curriculum is designed to enable the student to personally engage rigorously and yet enjoyably with the subject matter and the materials which the course presents. There are frequent opportunities for seminar and discussion participation throughout the curriculum. In this course you are going to encounter words, images, texts, arguments, debates and ideas that will change your life and enable you to participate in shaping the society of the future. Consistent tutorial support provides you with ready access to guidance and advice for all of your four years at Trinity.

The Trinity campus in the heart of Dublin city offers the unique opportunity to visit and learn from significant international collections, such as those held at the Chester Beatty, the National Gallery and the National Museum of Ireland.

Trinity is home to the Book of Kells and in this degree we offer a special study of its marvels from a theological perspective. (See:

The staff have worked internationally in universities such as Yale, Edinburgh and Cambridge and also sit on the boards of various educational and not-for-profit organisations.

What will you study?

All students are given a strong foundation in Biblical Studies, Historical Theology, Ethics and Systematic Theology (the study of major theological themes and current questions). World Religions and Philosophy are, of course, amongst the modules studied. There is also an opportunity to take modules in Greek, Hebrew and Latin, should that prove to be a particular interest of yours.

Students may also take a module from outside this course via the Broad Curriculum (see page 19). Students are thus enabled to take modules from a great variety of other disciplines within the University.

A further distinguishing mark of this degree is its attention to matters of contemporary concern. One of the key current developments in this degree is a module in Theology and Social Justice, taught through “immersion” in non-profit agencies in the city, the country and internationally. Learning to reflect theologically upon these experiences enables students to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the lecture theatre to the wider world.

In the fourth year you will have the opportunity to prepare a research dissertation on a topic of your choice. With the assistance of the lecturers, you will select, investigate and research a theme of theological significance. You will, of course, be taught the research skills to do this successfully and these skills will also be useful in the world of work beyond graduation.

Study abroad

During the third year of the degree programme, we encourage students to gain the experience of studying and living abroad. Erasmus and other inter-EU exchange relationships are in place to facilitate you to live and study at other EU universities including KU Leuven, Heythrop College (University of London) and Durham University. Options for study in the USA and Australia are also currently being developed for our theology students, notably Notre Dame University, Indiana and Australian Catholic University.


The skills of critical and analytical thinking acquired in the course are much in demand in the marketplace. Theology graduates have a good track record of future employment in a variety
of careers. The skills learnt in this undergraduate degree equip students to excel in post-graduate courses in a wide variety of disciplines.
This is a new course, so there are, as of yet no graduates. Theology students from other course and colleges in the UK and Ireland pursue a variety of careers which include: Journalism, Law, Media and Communications, Church related work, Information Technology, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Affairs, Marketing/Advertising, Human resources.

Further information

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Student Profile

Oona Nadler

As a visiting student from the University of Toronto I found that the Loyola Institute at Trinity is a warm, friendly environment that is conducive to learning. The professors took care to get to know each student and make them feel welcome. A highlight was the Book of Kells module which allowed me to learn about theology and Irish culture from passionate and knowledgeable professors. I would recommend taking classes at Trinity for anyone who wants to study theology in an exciting and unique environment in the heart of Dublin.

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Catholic Theological Studies, 4 years full-time Closing Date: 01/FEB/2016

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