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Global Business (Bachelor in Business Studies)

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What is Business?

Business is about creating value from the co-ordinated efforts of people and resources. Making money is just one of the many types of value people create through organising. Organising takes many forms: corporations, start-ups, family businesses, non-profits, government agencies etc. The study of business requires a broad understanding of how human beings apply their skills, networks, knowledge and creativity to problems and opportunities in the world around them – and how they shape that world through their efforts to compete and collaborate over time.

Business Studies: The course for you?

Studying business opens up a huge range of opportunities for applying your unique talents and interests to achieving your personal objectives. The subject can appeal to people who want to change the world as much as it appeals to people who want to make a profit. Society is made up of a complex tapestry of organisations and if you are interested in exploring how organisations work and where you fit in – this is the course for you.

B.B.S. @ Trinity

When you decide on a career in business you need to ensure that you have the best preparation to succeed and align yourself with one of the world’s best and most widely recognised universities. The Trinity Business School is ranked 1st in Ireland and 16th in Europe (Eduniversal Deans’ Rankings, 2015) and has a global network of graduates across a broad range of careers.

During the programme students will have the opportunity to develop foreign language proficiency, work as an intern with a firm or non-profit organisation, live and study in another country, and carry out a research project.

Graduate skills and career opportunities

Trinity Business School graduates pursue careers across a range of business, government, technology, innovation and social ventures. Banking, finance, accountancy, consulting and marketing jobs top the list of first jobs after graduation and 98% of our students enter employment or further study after graduating. Trinity is known for not only preparing you for your first job, but for future career prospects and promotion as well. Our graduates go on to become leaders in their fields and help to nurture and support the global network of Trinity business graduates throughout their careers.

In addition to positioning students for a broad range of careers, the BBS is designed to facilitate students’ entry into graduate courses in business and other related Masters programmes. Having undertaken a significant project of independent study in a business area of their choice, students are well-positioned to apply for postgraduate research study in Trinity as well as other highly regarded research institutions with a high rate of application success.

Your degree and what you’ll study

In the first year, students will gain an understanding of the historic development of business, organisation and management, together with grounding in the business related social science and quantitative disciplines that underpin them. Over subsequent years the programme provides students with the opportunity to explore a progressively deeper and varied understanding of the subject areas that form a comprehensive education in business and management.

Students will be able to choose not only from the broad set of disciplines contained in Business, but also from a wide range of subject areas across the University to ensure that they have exposure to the different perspectives on knowledge that enable them to become independent and critical thinkers, as well as effective communicators in an increasingly complex and multi-cultural society.

Finally, the programme will require that students choose at least one area of business study to pursue in depth – taking advanced subject area modules and undertaking independent research guided by an academic and/or qualified practitioner to produce a significant and innovative outcome that gives them a unique selling point in the next stage of their career journey.


In first year, all students take: Fundamentals of Management and Organisation, Economics for Management, Quantitative Skills for Business, and Fundamentals of Social Sciences, Ethics and Philosophy. In addition, students may choose two optional subjects in a range of social sciences and European languages.

In second year students are introduced to the core skills and theories in business management, including: Organisational Behaviour, Introduction to Marketing Principles, Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance, Introduction to Operations Management, Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Action, Introduction to Human Resources, and Information Systems in Business. In addition, students may take two optional subjects drawing from the same disciplines on offer in first year, but also including a list of ‘broad curriculum’ modules from across the University (see

The third year provides students with the opportunity to make important choices about their personal and career development and to start planning for the next stage in their professional lives. Students may choose from a wide range of business topics (see below) and are also required to take the Personal and Professional Development module. This module provides students with a chance to consider the range of careers open to them, to reflect on their own skills, interests and to experience work, volunteering, travel and/or different cultures through structured internships or study abroad.

Examples of module choices in 3rd year:

  • Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fixed Income and Alternative Investments
  • Organisation Theory
  • Services and Information Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business in Society
  • New Venture Development

In fourth year, all students are required to take Strategic Management: Theory and Practice and one other module that involves independent research as the core learning activity.

Examples of subject choices in fourth year:

  • International Business and the Global Economy
  • Exploring Organisational Experiences
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Derivatives and International Finance
  • Advances in Marketing Theory and Practice
  • Managing New Product Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact

Study abroad

In third year, students have the opportunity to apply to study abroad in a prestigious European university with the EU funded Erasmus programme (ESSEC, France; Grenoble Ecole de Management, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain; Cracow University, Poland; Rotterdam University, Netherlands; Mannheim University, Germany). In addition to exchange programmes in Europe, the Business School also has bilateral links with leading universities in North America (Babson, Fisher College of Business, Ohio; Goizueta, Georgia and Queens University, Canada).

Our exchange programmes are highly successful, and are an extremely popular option for business students each year. Participating students find that they are hugely enjoyable, academically and culturally rewarding, and a valuable asset to prospective employers.

Further information on the year abroad programme, and a list of partner universities, can be found at:



Tel: +353 1 896 3334

What our graduates say

Iseult Ward, 2013 Business Student of the Year

“I loved studying the various subjects in first year and then found that Business was my favourite one, which was why I specialised in it for the next three years. In third year, I founded a company FoodCloud. I was able to shape my final year courses to keep them relevant to my ‘new business’ receiving great support from lecturers.”

Admission Requirements

For general admission requirements please click here

For general admission requirements please click here

Leaving Certificate O4/H6 - Mathematics
GCSE Grade B - Mathematics
For general admission requirements please click here


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Non-EU Applicants

  • Global Business (Bachelor in Business Studies), 4 years full-time Closing Date: 30/JUN/2018
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