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TASS (Total Airport Security System) is an FP-7 integration project which aims to bring together and fuse a variety of data sources to enhance the security situational awareness and response preparedness of airports.

Combining the information gathered from sensors, CCTV systems and human reporting, along with information contained in databases it aims to provide security staff and other relavent stakeholders with up-to-date information about the presence of emerging threats and offer decision support capabilities to human operators, reducing cognitive load.

It also aims to facilitate and make more efficient the immediate dissemination of information to relevant responders to speed up the identifiaction, location and apprension of suspects.

TASS involved 20 industrial, SME, end-user and academic partners and operates with a budget of approx. €9m.

TCD role in the project is to analyse the operational systems of the airport that are impacted by security from a human-centred point of view and inform the user requirements specification of the system. We are also responsible for the monitoring the ethical conduct of the project as well as ensuring ethics-by-design for the TASS technology system.


Nick McDonald


2011 - 2014

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