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About us

Organisations of all kinds are facing extraordinary demands for innovation and change to improve their performance and need to understand and manage the risks this involves. Transport, manufacturing and services are changing not only because of relentless commercial and budgetary pressures but also because the deployment of new technologies creates unprecedented opportunities to reorganize. New business models and new regulation call for leaner processes, system integration, joined-up management systems, system performance measurement, managing system change – in order to develop resilient, adaptable socio-technical systems.

Research and development in process innovation and the application of new technologies are esential to transforming productivity and competitiveness in both public and private sectors. Design for future operations, managing people in changing organisations, creating new standards of practice, implementing regulatory systems that actually work – all of these bring human systems to the centre of a smart, competitive economy in which safety, quality, cost and environmental impact are reconciled.

What will it do?

The Centre for Innovative Human Systems brings together a critical multidisciplinary RTD capability in process innovation, development and application of new technologies, and managing risk and organisational change. It comprises a multidisciplinary capability including Psychology, Business and Organisation, Engineering and Computer Science, and Health Sciences. It offers knowledge and technology transfer through research, education and training, information technology development, consulting, evaluation.

How will it do it?

Overcoming the barriers to innovation requires a new research and development partnership with industry and services. Building on a strong track record of action-oriented collaborative industrial research (national, European, global), the Centre will foster research-led innovation to help organisations improve their performance, manage their risks and implement change. It will foster long term strategic links with the organisations it partners. It will develop a new Masters program in Innovation in Human Systems, which will be a vehicle for translating knowledge into innovation and change.


Last updated 18 August 2017