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ManuVAR is a European 7th Framework project that runs from 2009 through 2012 and comprises 18 partner organisations across 8 countries. Through the use of virtual and augmented reality technology (VR / AR), the ManuVAR project will demonstrate that high value, high knowledge manual work presents an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of EU industries.

ManuVAR will apply this existing technology to improve communications between people and systems, therefore improving ergonomics, safety, work assistance and training in the manufacturing and service industries. The use of this technology will also enable the two-way flow of knowledge, its accumulation, reuse and sharing. This will be achieved throughout the entire product lifecycle and across subsequent system generations. ManuVAR will engage with various people from designers to factory workers, operators, maintenance personnel, and end-users.

The project co-ordinator is VTT, based in Finland.


ManuVAR website:
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Last updated 5 February 2015